Mothra vs Godzilla

And we are back. Back with another classic review for this week. This time, Godzilla is facing an opponent that is a little buggier than the last one. With all these puns out of the way, I want to introduce to you Mothra vs Godzilla.

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The story

We start the story with a massive storm, washing over Japan. With boas overturning at the harbor and massive waves threatening to retake what was once a part of Japan. With the storm in the background, we get the title screen opening with a few of the cast and crew within the said movie. We hear in the background the main musical score of the movie that will define what the movie entails

We continue with the movie opening up with the water from the ocean being pushed back in by pipelines spraying gallons. In the background, we notice a businessman spouting off about how he did an amazing job getting the water out of the harbor. You get the local new station men and women trying to cover the story when a giant egg washes up close to the harbor. This prompts the businessman to go in and claim the egg for himself by getting his workers to drag it in the egg.

There are plenty of questions about the egg that raises concerns, How long before the egg hatches? What will come out? etc. Needless to say, the answer comes from the fairies from Mothra’s infant island where they plead with the businessman to return the egg home so that if it hatches, it wouldn’t destroy cities in its search for food.

Of course, this warning goes unheard despite the fairies going to the reporters for help in convincing the businessman. Next thing we know, mothra appears to take away the fairies back to their island in defeat. Then low and behold, after the fairies return to the island, the businessman decides to incubate the egg in a built greenhouse. Next thing you know, Godzilla appears ready to take on japan once again.


So will these two monsters clash to death? Will Japan be left in flames from the carnage? Have humans finally reached their peak in horrible greed? Find out in the movie.

special effects

This goes without saying but the special effects have been coming in strong for such a movie. though there are a couple of things that I feel could have been improved upon when dealing with a monster like Godzilla. My biggest thing with the Godzilla suit is just how goofy the style looked with this thing. Just that goofy aesthetic never appealed to me as much as what the nineties entailed with a lot of their works. I just feel as though they didn’t bring out the true horror of the monster that could have been an amazing


Now let’s talk about the style that this mothra has in the movie, While there isn’t much chance that can be seen. I will say ascetically, the lights for the eyes seem brighter than what I remember from the previous movie. Still the original design was placed in there I believe to keep the vibe with the creature going as a representation of nature. Just that coupled with the dirt looks really is telling as to how this monster is going to be played out for this new fight.

And don’t get me started on the fluffiness of the moth. Just looks so soft to the touch that it is no wonder if people just touched it just because. (Yeah, you guys might get a couple of comments like that in this since Mothra wasn’t my favorite monster as a kid back in the day) But outside of that, the moth doesn’t appear to be anything special in this movie.

final announcement

Well, we have reached our ninety-eighth post this week and are facing the closing in a moment where we have one hundred blog posts. And in this, I have decided that I will interview three different voices for the the100th blog post and get their perspective on what kaiju/giant monster movies mean to them. In this, I will also include different colored links to their respective fields of content where you will be introduced to some of the most impressive content there is out there today. I hope everyone enjoys their content, while I am not affiliated with their respected links provided, I am good friends with them and we have had some interesting conversations when it comes to the topic of kaiju/giant monster movies.


Well, we have reached the end of this blog post for the week and we get closer to the one hundred goals that we have been wanting for a while now. Just to remind you guys that I will not be working on blogs for that week as I will be busy improving viewing pleasures for everyone here and working on interviewing three People who have been into these types of movies for a long time and their stories as to why. I think that would be a suitable gift to help describe the reason why so many people are into these types of movies regardless of being a niche form of entertainment. I think you guys will like it. Anyways, here is the link to the movie and I hope to see you guys in the next blog.


Mothra vs Godzilla(DVD only)

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