Mothra the giant you never knew.

The first review for the new year. I am sure a lot of you are excited about this one. We are back to TOHO classics with this one. With the long period of the American/British side of filming being the focal point of my review the last two months of 2020, I figured it would be nice to get back into the new year with a TOHO style of movie I will say it for the new year. It is good to be back in the swing of things while delivering to you guys another classic from the movie vault to explore. Presenting to everyone involved, I give you MOTHRA! I am an Amazon affiliate and the pictures were taken by TOHO and



Mothra’s symbolism

There is a lot of controversy surrounding mothra and the symbolism they carry around with how Mothra is summoned and landed. there are a few people within the fandom that assumes the symbols are christened in nature and focuses on the christen stuff within japan. I think there is more to it than that. That is also a symbol of good crops within the Japanese culture at the time. while I have no problems with the line of thinking with a symbol, I must point out that the original intent matters. there can’t be anything misconstrued when viewing a piece of media from someone like TOHO. Very historical in the way it operates. All in all, I believe people can think what they want about everything. the only thing I will say is to always do the research on the subject first and foremost and then decide to think what you would like.

special effects

The special effects were pretty solid as far as the play-by-play goes. I admire the way Mothra was animated on both ends whether it is the larvae form or the adult form. Both played out smartly and casually with the movement of the creature forms. The negative side mostly has to do with the effects of feeling clinky over the thing.

The story

Starting out this story involves a discovery from a local fishing ship finding the island previously that was nuked during the world war. So in a quick change of pace, the captain ordered everyone to get off the ship from the storm and being in that radiation zone. later in the story, the main characters are shown waiting for their chance to get to take pictures of an expedition leader while the crew members were being examined for radiation damage. The thing that got attention was the fact all of the members never had any radiation on them.

So this prompts an investigation into finding the source of this island a bit more. It results in discovering a thriving civilization worshiping a small set of twin protests at the center of their group. Of course, the way the crew manages to find them through exploring the darkest reaches almost gets one of the crew members(A reporter who stowed away onboard) killed from the plant life before them. This gives the captain an idea once he finds the girls. This idea is to showcase them across japan to make loads of money(You would think after King Kong bringing in things away from their home would be a bad idea.) (This movie is no exception)

Needless to say, after capturing the fairies(As we will call them from here on out) the captain proceeds to show off the girls to the wide audience where unknowingly the fairies make the call to the goddess of the island Mothra. The egg is revealed to be at the center of its all hatches revealing the worm-like creature that has been named Mothra. SO it makes its way into the ocean on a rescue mission.

Final thoughts going in

All in all, the thing I find amazing about this type of film that I would recommend for everyone. It has to do with the film feeling friendly for everyone of all ages to watch at least once for the sheer value of a learning experience. While it is only minorly controversial due to some things within the fandom, there is no doubt in my mind you guys will enjoy this classic from It has to be good, it did manage to give me three more movies I need to review as well. (Most of which were in the ’90s)


I want to thank you for your time reading this new blog post. Everyone meant so much to me continuing doing this and talking about my favorite movies. And I am grateful for that and having a business partner in the form of Kaijuvision. While we are not official as I think we work best as advertising partners, I am still grateful for him showing me the different perspective of the fandom I never realized just how different the landscape was. Regardless, What I do is give you guys more reasons to join while making thinkers out of you. So this has been another classic giant monsters blog for the week and I will see you on the next blog.

Mothra (Prime only)


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