Mighty Joe Young vs Gwangi

Well here is another vs blog for the week as we decide to explore what two monsters of towering size and with a mighty intent to the kill. I present to you Mighty Joe Young VS Gwangi. I just want to remind all of you that I am an amazon affiliate and all pictures belong to their respected owners listed.

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Gwangi the allosaur

Well this relation of the dinosaur of the similar species, Gwangi stands roughly at twenty feet in height giving this beast an amazing height advantage. Not to mention the amazing build of a said creature. Might be the durability out there. but I do think this one has some powerful moments.

however, there are a few negatives about this dinosaur you should know when dealing with a fight. Not the smartest creature in this. Gwangi is mostly focused on size being the major factor in the fights with this creature.

Mighty Joe Young

Well, we have seen this monkey before doing battle on this site before, well I say let’s bring this one back for another confirmation for the ages.

Now we all know about his major strength when it comes to these fights besides being an oversized gorilla, As you guys know, This monkey is smarter than your average bear. But I will say this, this monkey for those of you who don’t know, This monkey tends to have a real short temper, which really sums up the major weakness joe would have in this fight, Now as far as anything else is concerned, he has the thumb advantage of using tools, he has the arms reach advantage which means he can keep the allosaurus a distance away from his body.


I will give credit where credit is due for monkey. He does have a heart of gold as shown in many of his movies with saving people from infernos of many environments. This one is a really good climber to say the least. You know, swinging from the ceiling of a casino or throwing those lions all over the place, you know this monkey doesn’t fool around. throwing sticks and rocks around and throwing the occasional cowboy off their horse only shows the power of the mighty creature we call Mighty Joe Young.

Where the fight is going to be

Well since we are going about this fight in the sense that these are both land animals, let’s put them in a place where they both would still be a force to be reckoned with. Truth be told, I believe that the best place to put them both would be somewhere in Arizona. Why do you ask? Well, the location is a place where they both seemed to thrive out in the harsh terrain. Needless to say, they both seem to thrive in such conditions that it keeps everyone on a level playing field.

The winner

Well, we went to the point where we determine which creature is the winner of this fight. Now like most of the other fights I place on here, this one wasn’t the easiest one out there, But we have always come out with a defining winner of each fight. so with that being said, The winner of this fight is MIGHTY JOE YOUNG! That is right folks, That monkey wins this fight and with flying colors, this goes around. Care for me to explain? Well, let’s start this out.

So you know its monkey is a powerful one with his long arms and the disposition to climb things all over. You just know the monkey doesn’t (Monkey) around. (Yeah I better stop with those dated puns by this point.)

Well, let’s go right ahead and see about the abilities that gave joe the edge in this fight.

Example one: Those thumbs always play a key role in these fights. Being able to grab a hold of objects means that whatever is in joes hands can be used with. That’s including trees rocks whatever the environment has in store.

example two: If Joe doesn’t use any of these tools then surely we must consider the fact that he can use those extremely long arms. I am sure you guys can agree that for all the climbing this monkey does, there must be a strong amount of muscle that those arms can carry.


Well, we have reached the end of the blog post for the week. I want to take the time to point out this is the ninety-sixth post this go around. We are inching ever closer to the goal with that being the one hundred blog posts. On the hundredth post, I will be coming up with a special treat for you guys to enjoy. I am thankful you guys got to see my blogs that keep coming from a place of passion for this medium. So as per usual, the links for the content are down below and I will see you guys on the next blog post.


Mighty Joe young 1949(Blue ray)

Valley of Gwangi(DVD)

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