Mighty Joe Young vs Graboid.

An oversize Monkey fighting a supersize worm. What could go wrong? FYI a lot can go wrong with this one. As per usual, We will have the links down below and we will credit the pictures to make the viewing more fun today.
pictures were taken by Charles J Sharp

H. Zell

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That Monkey

We know that monkey that was the step-brother of our King Kong. Mighty Joe Young jumps into the screen with a powerful force that sends people flying off their seats. “As” you are all well aware. this one is a strong beast with an aggression that would spook anyone ever. You know that this monster shows his power by climbing a house to save people within. Not only that, but he can also fight off some lions with his bare hands as shown in the original, Which will be the one we will use for the examples here. I will say between the original and the Disney remake, the original will always come out on top because of how he is in that movie.

Here are some things that would make this monkey vulnerable. A Short temper that got this monkey into more trouble as the monkey gets almost killed a few times showing his big heart and emotion. Not only that but this is one monkey who is not a thinker right away and is rather an emotional wreck that will rip and tear lions to a pulp like the orange juice your grandma would carry around when you were supposed to drink that juice when she babysits you on a school-day.

Worms galore

Now we get to talk about the Graboids and what damage they can do to people. These beasts of burden can drag vehicles with vicious intent. The worms can also dig super fast that they can chase a vehicle driving the speed limit on a highway to catch their prey. Not to mention their life stages as to how they can spread so quickly.

They can split apart into walking monsters and later into flying beasts that will stop at nothing to spread their eggs and snag a snack to boot. So these devils can be a force to be reckoned with. But they are not the brightest creatures as they have the tendency of killing themselves constantly. On top of that, it takes a few times of them dying until they can manage to think for themselves so that just shows the top of the food chain(Sarcasm)


The place

As for a good place as a central location, These two appeared in different parts of the USA which is good for me since I am a US guy and I love to play around with an idea for a USA monster fight. So being that as it may, We need to find a central location that these two beasts of burden will meet for the confrontation. I of course think that the best location should be somewhere like Nebraska. It is a central location and both sides will have advantages over one and other. A mountainous region couple with lots of desert areas and very little for trees marks this the perfect location for this war to take place. I got to say. No one is safe.

The winner

I did a little thinking about the subject for quite a while and came to a stunning conclusion that Mighty Joe Young would be the winner. Now this can be a bit controversial But since we like doing one on one fights here I came to the conclusion that Joe would be the winner in this mainly because of the usual tool factor this monkey can do. We see him pull a rope to get someone offs of a horse in the original story. We also have seen him handle a lion-like it was a toy and beat it to death like nothing else.

But to conclude this one I am going to go with mighty Joe as the clear cut winner. In this. I would also like to take the time to remind all of you that this isn’t a one-sided decision as you think. With the links provided down below the content, you can decide who wins by buying the product that you would want. And by the end of the next blog, I would announce the winner of the said match based on the total amount of buys that are made with the link.


As the usual is made, I will see you guys one the next blog and will announce the winner of the fights on your end if you choose to buy any one of these movies or both if you like to try new things. I am going to say this for everyone reading. No matter what happens out there just be yourself and keep watching monster movies. There are plenty of amazing stories out there that will make you smile. I will cya on the next blog.



Mighty Joe Young


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