Megalon vs Baragon

Good morning or afternoon or night depending on where you live in the world. This is another vs battle for the ages. For those of you who might be new at this, let me explain. every last Monday of the month, I publish a vs blog that studies two opposing monsters with similar abilities and strengths to see which one is the most likely to come out on top with each battle scenario. typically, the battlefield is evened out so as it wouldn’t affect how both monsters would preform. The key element in every battle is for the monster left standing to be a victor. Everything is analyzed based solely on the monsters themselves regardless of the environment the monsters are placed in.

I started this out because I saw a lot of different people online doing somewhat similar things with superhero movies and thought why not do something with monsters? So this came to be what it is today with a little in-depth research. So with that out of the way, let’s get into why everyone is really here. Let’s see if an oversized drill bit beetle or a dog dinosaur wins.



Megalon the oversize drilling beetle

Let’s try out talking about one of my favorite showa monsters Megalon, You guys understood from the last blog that I put high praise for this creature for the sheer value of fear it produces. Just by the looks alone, Megalon would frighten over the brave kids in the movie theatre back in the day. The overall design to me always spelled a type of horror that somewhat off puts what we saw in the cinema back then. even to the point where it makes the monster Hedorah look like a kids cartoon monster. Let us get started on what the creature can do in this fight.

Megalon is known best for being able to burrow down into the earth as well as the ability to fly. this gives Megalon an overwhelming advantage as the versatility of the creature outmatches most other monsters. couple that with the fact that the monsters ranged attacks are very aggressive there is no doubt in my mind megalon is a dangerous foe for the doggy dino.

But just like with any monster on here, Megalon does have a weakness. Being as this creature was controlled by the people of seatopia, we can safely assume megalon is not a thinking type of creature. that puts megalon at a massive disadvantage when it comes to facing baragon, even if it is a dog face dinosaur, it is still a thinking animal.

Baragon the dog face monster

Well, now we turn our attention to a fan favorite for some people in the strange community that likes monsters. to be fair to the monster, it does look kind of cute when not attacking an entire village on site. With be slightly bulbous eyes and sharp claws, Baragon digs his way into this fight with aggression. Big, red and mean, Baragon took on Frankenstein’s monster with an aggression that is very close to that of an attack dog.

carrying powerful jaws and a heat ray, baragon is a very well-rounded monster as far as this fight is concerned. Being able to distance itself from an enemy by burrowing underground or using the heat ray above makes this creature one of a kind. But let’s face this fact, if this was a cuteness contest I assume a lot of fans would be standing for baragon with motivation. And while it is pretty cute (As I’ve said) This is in no way a cuteness contest, No, THIS IS CLASSIC GIANT MONSTERS VS SHOWDOWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(The capitalization within this part of the content was meant to emphasize the “Wrestling announcer troupe”

The winner

All good things come to an end as we conclude with megalon as the winner of this bout. Why is that you ask? Well, they are very evenly matched as far as combat goes for their skills, and truth be told it is a hard one to call on. But the result was determined by what creature would be able to deliver the most damage the fastest in a small amount of time, this is where I would have to give megalon the edge. With being able to use its electric ray from its horn and the explosive ball attack at the same time, It’s a wonder how anything could withstand such an attack outright. between that and how accurate Megalon is, there is no doubt that megalon would eventually gain the long-term advantage for simply being able to outgun the poor dino dog.


As per usual we end another vs series on a high note. I want to thank everyone once again for viewing my content. For up incoming projects, I am thinking about posting videos on here shortly getting everyone hyped up for the next blog, and working out general discussion with these films. I find it only appropriate since we came this far with blogging and maintaining a steady audience. so in the next coming weeks, I will be focusing on efforts to post video content on this platform to help hype people up for the next blog entry and I hope everyone enjoys this weeks content.


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