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Typically, when we have been doing personal bios we discuss those people who had an impact on a movie industry. But this new personal bio was made on a special request as this one has made so much of an impact on the industry that is not something we would ignore here. As per usual, pictures were taken by Jack Katz

Matt Franks start

Born in Austin Texas in December 1985, We begin our journey with mentions of what got him into the Monster verse as a whole. From the avid collection of toys and other forms of. You got those Power Ranger collectible for know, then of course you got the ultra man collection, etc. Matt has it all it seems. Nowadays he has slowed down the collecting habits to Mostly a Godzilla/Ultraman collection over time. “Though” a lot of that might have to do with the fact he has gotten busy with his work. Being an artist in this day in age does that to some people.

Oh the love of comics

While the date of his start with the comic industry is cloudy at times, there is no denying that the passion for his works is still there. This is proven by the numerous successful comics and covers made by Matt. Including but not limited to. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1,Godzilla: Legends #1, and becoming the main artist for Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, (Plenty to see right there for sure.)(Not meaning to get too far off-topic on this, But one of his art pieces did bring back an old memory of a comic I always wanted to get but never got the chance. Project Nemesis is the name of the one comic I never got the chance to read. It wasn’t because of anything wrong. I just never had the time or the money to get it for a good read. I could probably do it now but I am going to be even busier with this blog than I already was earlier.) Going back to the subject at hand, Matt has had a storied history with this industry and I see no signs of him stopping now.

What’s going on now

With an amazing fan base connection to this one hard, it really shows how well Matt is revered for his talents and hard work he puts into them. Something else to keep in mind is how well he interacts with fans as well as give amazing interviews for people online. They are always clamoring to see what happens next. The positive energy this guy possesses is something to behold. One thing that comes to mind when viewing this guy I always see is someone who is truly smiling around people and giving those positive vibes rarely seen nowadays. I found it very refreshing and thinking along the lines of That sheer passion that is so familiar to everyone no matter where you live. Japan has been one of the proven grounds that has shown multiple times that the positive vibe Matt gives off is real.

Having a pleasant voice does help out with conveying the messages of those projects. It shows that the passion is felt with this person all times. It is a very beautiful thing that should be treasured for a very long time. Life just has been working really well with this guy. There is a very good reason why Matt earned the nickname Kaiju King. It isn’t hard to see why.

My thoughts

This one has made some waves in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. I have noticed some of his tweets on Twitter here and there. He has giving his likes to a couple of viewers of my feed and I will say this guy does have a sense of pride for his work and is willing to uplift someone’s art journey if they are in need of it. I find that commendable for the position he is in with the fandom. So all in all, he has my respect in that department. I believe once you get more into this fandom, you all will appreciate someone so dedicated to the fandom like Matt is. people could use that sort of passion for something in life and Matt’s story serves as a purpose that when you are so into your passion You will be noticed and very well-supported by positive people. I hope everyone here enjoys another free piece of work from me this week and I will see you in the next blog.


Well this is usually where I would have my super links to get you guys some great movies. But the truth is, there isn’t much I can do with this case.he is a comic legend and mostly is focal on comics. He is a legend in this life for sure. I will not affiliate the comics mainly because seeing about setting up for that affiliate link is a bit of a pain and me trying to change to a different affiliate besides amazon for the products I generally show here.

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