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Well, we are back again with a blog post on this famous monkey a lot of people keep talking about. This monkey named Kong is the eye for anyone who would appear in their first viewing of this weird monkey. One thing about this one however is that this might be one of the biggest Kong we ever have seen on this website. Not only that, but We also see just how differently built this monkey is made. We will talk about that later in this blog. pictures were taken by and I am an amazon affiliate


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The story

Well, to start. We get a scene based in 1944 with both an American and a Japanese pilot falling to the ground below. There is a bit of combat between the two with the later moment ended up with the American being on the loose end as the Japanese man chases with a katana at hand. The thing about this chase is, The fact early into the movie, we get to see for the first time our monkey known as King Kong. “Though” he does look a bit different from the usual Kong we see in the movies. Just for an example, We see this one as more Bigfoot like in the way Kong is positioned in a natural stance. even the color pallet looks very similar to the Bigfoot sightings. Then the film makes a jump cut to the year 1971 when the war in Vietnam drew to a close. A lot of men are just packing their gear for a home except for one who is on call to Dc for anything new. We are then cut to the introduction of Monarch, A organization created to track down abnormally large creatures all over the world.

With the announcement of the war coming to an end, Monarch agents named Bill Randa and Houston Brooks

manage to secure financing for an expedition into an image of the infamous Skull island where they hope to discover the monster that delivers a payload of fear with a photograph of a previous wrecked ship. The two agents eventually find a captain who agrees to guide the expedition along with a group of soldiers under the command of that one Colonel Preston Packard who is glad to finally get one last mission for “combat” and a photographer by the name of Mason Weaver.

There is a bit of a debriefing over how the inspection of the island plays out. Needless to say, the team is to drop seismic charges around the island to map out everything underneath the island for minerals,(Including oil) The problem with this effect is the process itself involves a “Bombing campaign that sends “Echos” to the radar throughout the island with explosive impacts with each drop. So the resident monkey decides to take action. And that action is an action alright. Being a great thrower of trees shows when we get the next shot after the bombing sequence with the seismographs going off. The choppers are attacked by Kong and it leaves people from the expedition that flew stranded in an unforgiving jungle that is skull island.

With all the elements played against them in this story, the colonel lays his eyes on Kong as his target to slay in his final confrontation between man and beast that drags the others into a path of destruction that involves the island’s destruction and the new monsters called the Skullcrawlers who stand in the way of survival. Will this group be able to survive? The stakes are high in this fight for survival. It is one I believe everyone here will enjoy.

The special effects

The special effects are filled with some form of realism that is seldom matched by standards of today s tech. A lot of hard work was put into the creature’s effects as well as the environmental effects that are seen throughout the film. I am going to throw my two cents in on this and say that with all that has happened with this story, I can fully say that these types of effects will only continue to grow in the coming years of life. In my opinion, this is going to be growing to the point where this might someday have obsolete effects in the movie industry.

What we see in development

This is the part of the blog where I will be talking about my thoughts on the future of the films. There seems to be a growing renewal of the monster films with events after the Godzilla movie (2014). “While” the general movies seem to focus on TOHO related monsters (With the exception of King Kong) we can only hope they can expand to other film franchises besides everything TOHO movies. Maybe even dive deeper into Ray Harryhausen movies like The beast from 20,000 fathoms? there is a lot out there that has yet to be explored in this new age of monster movies. It is with this that New movies in this genre would come out besides TOHO monsters that would prove to be just as entertaining as the last ones.

The final thoughts

All in all, I see plenty of reasons for seeing this movie for yourself. My reasoning is nothing that should affect your decisions. The only thing I would ask is for you to buy the movie from my link provided to enjoy yourselves in these weird times we live in. But I hope you will enjoy this movie and I will see you in the next blog. Bye.

Kong Skull Island (Prime only)

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