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Hello and welcome back to my website. Today we are going to talk about a very recent movie that a lot of people are fond of. I bring to you my review of Godzilla King of the monsters.
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The story

The story itself takes place after the attack in 2014 and we see a family that was affected by the attack that took away their son/brother. And needless to say, it becomes the endless drama of a device that is forced on the audience at the start of the movie. (I didn’t like that start.) The movie goes from a daughter trying to contact her father to a scene where we’re introduced to Mothra. “Which” I might have to speak my mind on this one. I don’t think this should count as bringing your kid to work day on the mother’s part.

So yeah the mom thought it was a great idea to take your kid to work, testing a prototype machine that is supposed to communicate with monsters. (WHATEVER COULD GO WRONG.) I don’t know? Maybe a group of terrorists attacking the base is a thought, And the sad part is what happened in the movie. Needless to say, Mothra escapes. In the meanwhile, some original monarch scientist tries to convince the father who helped make the ORCA track down the family and recover the ORCA. The father blames Godzilla for his son’s death so it’s only natural he wouldn’t want to give the ORCA back to monarch. But he agrees and follows monarch to Antarctica and follows Godzilla.

In a very speedy way of making a plot twist, it turns out the mother was willing to be kidnapped along with her child to wake up the monster zero that we are expected to know everything about already and bring the (Balance) that the movie plays out. ( this is my grievance with any movie in general that plays out the save the environment message the same way all movies with it have.) I would rather they just let the movie speak for itself rather than send in the same stupid message over and over again.


The characters

(Oh joy I get to talk about the characters woopie.)You know I can only give out so much sarcasm before I snap and start to speak my mind about everything. But yeah I didn’t care for the stupid remarks or the stupid references to different cultures out there. I get you like references but you don’t need them at every next scene. I didn’t like those jokes from all over this movie Most of them for me landed flat on their faces as far as comical scenes go. In short, the only real character that’s worth following is D.r Serizawa. “Which” is a poor choice as the entire movie seemed to try to avoid the best star in the movie. I felt as though most of the movie only focused on the actors and not enough on the environment around the story. Of course, I would like to see more of the monsters but I will give them credit for the way they showed all the monsters but for revealing new monsters that were never in the original series and only in the comics. How is the audience supposed to know all the monsters in the movie? And calling Ghidorah monster zero, Okay the first question that comes to mind is. How did Ghidorah get the monster zero name?
The second one is why was it on earth in the first place? and finally Who thought it was a great idea to bring something like that to an HQ with the threat of being attacked going on anyway.

The CGI effects

I have got to say this is where the movie shines the best. I like how they made Burning Godzilla into a gritty style that makes for serious fighting for the look. I also like how Mothra’s design came through and the special things they had her use just to add to the reason why she is the queen of the monsters along with making Ghidorah a threat of an unstoppable force as well. Then, of course, you have Rodan’s look which was kind of a shocker at first because I thought they try for a more

pteranodon look for that one. While I do like the look It kind of overplays the character a bit to me and seems out there.

At the end of the story

I don’t want to spoil the end of the movie for you guys but I will let my grievances be heard I felt like the movie was rushed way too fast for what a story needs. While the movie is long I felt as though they should have worked on the dynamic of telling the story to a lot of people in a normal way fails in so many ways it’s hard to tell you all everything.

I felt this movie could have gotten past all of my grievances very easily if it had not been for the rushed job they put on all of us regular viewers of Godzilla.

I am always a fan of Godzilla movies and felt this remake gave the series a whole new look and still kept the same spirit of the original series in a certain way for the first movie. This new one tried to make it funny and reporting the same things we all were taught in school over and over again I just find that it takes away any sort of feeling the movie should have. I don’t hate this movie by any means at all but I felt that this movie misses everything the first movie seems to play out as far as good storytelling.


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