King Kong VS Rancor

Hello and welcome back to classic giant monsters today we look into another vs episode. And we compare King Kong to a star wars monster that matches in brute force in the Rancor.

We start where the fight will take place and explain what incarnation will be the best suited to fight each other. The King Kong we will be using is of course the original Kong as that one to me is the most fitting for this fight at 60 feet or 19 meters. As for the rancor itself we are going for the massive tyrant rancor at full size which is about 19 meters or 62 feet for us Yankees. “As” per usual links are below the content. I am an amazon affiliate.
Pictures of the rancor were taken by Michael Rivera and King Kong was taken by RKO pictures





Where the fight takes place.

We see how galaxies are extreme far and in no way could I find a half-way point so I will place them on a planet that is closest to both home worlds in this massive fight for dominance.
I had to look for a long time to find just the right one that would fit both monsters and now the planet is Felucia because it is the closest planet that matches between the two beasts

How they measure up

Let’s look at the focus on what made both monsters so successful. Size matters. Both monsters relied on size when dealing with enemies but now we have sized them up to a similar size.
As far as intellects go while the rancor has semi sentient smarts like us a little Kong has an unusual high smart that’s more like us when it comes to a fight.

The rancor does have an armor and numbers advantage as far as that turn about is but we are dealing with both creatures on a single base with them showing up as a one on one fight. The one advantage that the rancor has over king Kong is the armor as it is able to withstand blaster bolts whereas king Kong could only withstand so many bullets from a machine gun on a plane.

Strengths and weakness

Like above the Rancor has an armor advantage We also see a diversity(Differences) between many animals related to the Rancor.

We also see claws that are very sharp and very menacing for the beast with mean sets of teeth ment for ripping apart prey items too big to swallow whole.

A weakness the rancor has in this fight is the fact the smartness of the beast is just a little dull for problem solving.

The Rancor is also a passive beast. That leads, it to not wanting to fight unless it has to. It can mean that in a fight it maybe can’t fight like other creatures here in the vs.

Now lets look at King Kong has some strength in the area of power in the way Kong fights against some supersized dinosaurs on skull island We also see that King Kong can also plan ways of attack when dealing with different situations on different things.

Where the weakness we see from King Kong comes from the way Kong acts around things to a point where like an animal he acts more than plans and that could be the biggest thing that plays against him

When we look at both beasts we see they do have some very similar abilities that can make this fight a little tough to study so I am going to play it out below It will be a deeply applied scenario that with pit both in a central planet environment to determine who will come out on top in this knock down drag out war between two heavy weights of the vs series.

The battle itself

This is a very hard fight that if one of them does survive it would be a very long stretch. I had to do a lot of digging to get to the heart of the information to bring you the answer and I am almost to the point where this could have an even conclusion until one thing crossed my mind. Even through all the investigating I had come to the conclusion that King Kong (though barely) would be the winner in this fight.

With my studying and all the bases covered. (This is no one fighting alongside any side.) I had come to the conclusion that Kong would win based on two things.

Those thumbs

As strange as that is, if you look on your hand you see the part you use when you grab things,(or play video games if you a nerd.)it plays a part in the fight simply because of the way it can handle tools like piece of trees or stone in the fight. While they both have thumbs I think Kong has the upper hand simply because how Kong uses it as a holder for those things that can bash into the rancor and can be used a lot of times.


As usual a lot of the conclusion is things that I eventually think of myself as an examiner of both monsters. But I also want to track the links below for each purchase of a movie you like and use that to see which one comes out on top for the next post. That helps me find a winner on your guys thoughts and I can get some more content for you guys on the next go around. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you on the next post.


Kong Skull Island Prime only

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Prime only

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