King Kong vs Godzilla

Here comes another classic for the Showa era of film with TOHO’s King Kong vs Godzilla. With this amazing classic heading your way, I might as well remind you guys that this is one of the longest-running decades of all the eras of TOHO’s history. That number is 15 movies. So you can tell they did amazingly with those numbers out there. So sit back and relax as we take another dive into another classic in this classic giant monsters review. As usual, I am an amazon affiliate and the pictures were created by TOHO pictures.

The movie

So we start with, We have our main character who is a producer of a low rated television show called “Mysteries of the World”, He tried to come up with some ideas as to how he can boost his ratings. Needless to say, things do not go well as proven in a lot of these types of movies we watch. A submarine crashes into an iceberg that contained the scaled creature we all know and love. Godzilla wakes up cranky and destroys the sub and a Russian military base to set off to an unknown destination.

Later on in the film, The main character decided to go to a mysterious island full of a berry called soma. they are a berry that carries a drug-like effect without the addictive narcotic effect. So they make an expedition into an island where a mysterious Godlike creature is said to roam. Needless to say, the mysterious creature guarding the island was none other than the mighty Kong. Its east meets west in this movie where the best will be determined within this movie. Who will survive? Find out in the link below.


Godzilla, The major plot device for all of TOHO’s movies in the coming years. What do I have to say about this design? Well, the biggest thing with this is the character looks a bit goofy, to say the least. I just feel that this creature could have been better than that. just feels like something that is all over the place and with no sense of horror involved. There is just no sense with the creature. I mean we are coming off of Godzilla raids again with the impression that this thing is supposed to be scary and it turns out over the top with the antics. Just all seems out of nowhere with some of the said antics.

could be just wishful thinking but I think for me, the movie would have been more well-received if they did decide to go through and make all the monsters in the stop motion animations. I think, for the most part, it would have been more fitting despite how long it would take to do the said animations.


Well, this is a hot take on king kong since I think some things need to be said. But that monkey looks a lot like a certain monster called bigfoot. But this monkey does carry that look well. Oh, and he knows kungfu. Kind of an awesome moment where action movies make a marriage with kaiju movies with that one. Just being able to do some monkey barrel rolls to catching super-sized rocks that are so damaging. Like an oversized football player with skills working out their skills.

Though I will admit there are some things about this design of Kong I have grips with. One of the biggest being the way they molded the facial features, they just seem so goofy looking, and having that face interact with something (You will understand this within the film.) makes it look more puppet-like than anything else. There is also a moment within the film where we see some stop-motion animations briefly, Now knowing that at one point in time, TOHO wanted to make the original Godzilla as a stop motion feature why not go all the way with this one and incorporate that with King Kong and Godzilla? While this comment incorporates the film in general vs the actual monster design, I think it is a major staple that shouldn’t have been ignored. After all, The original Kong movie was stop motion.

final thoughts on the film

With this film, you get a lot of them over the top of things that are all over the place. It can be looked at as a charming piece for the viewers to see. you also get a sense of wholesale fun that involves plenty of enjoyable moments that will make you LOL. (Yeah, I inserted a pop culture stereotype of messaging, sue me, Not really, I have no money) I will say while this isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to these movies (I am way too serious sometimes when it comes to these types of movies)


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King Kong vs Godzilla

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