King Kong vs Gaira

Classic giant monsters have come back with other verses for the masses. For those of you who are just joining in, here are the major points I go by with all my blogs in this category, (an exception or two, mind you) In this one, We look at the major abilities and weaknesses of the said monsters in every movie they were in and determine which one of this monsters will win. So without further delay, I present King kong vs Gaira Pictures are brought to you by the names below the pics

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King Kong

Okay, let’s get right into what everyone came here for. Kong is a sixty/300-foot ape-like monster that has been known for its amazing strength. being able to scale the empire state building/killing off an entires species of carnivores that could destroy an island, and then some. Kongs biggest advantage in every fight he has ever been placed in has to be his power. Between that and the sheer size of the creature and the intelligence, Kong is a very worthy adversary for any monster involved with these fights.

But with this great power, there are always great weaknesses that can be fatal to any monster. While typically, anger in monsters seems to benefit monsters, this isn’t the case when talking about Kong. Some could even say that it was the reason in a lot of movies that killed him. But I think this is a misinterpretation. While anger did play a part in the original movies, the biggest thing that stood out for me was the child-like innocents of how kong reacted around Anne in the original movies.

(Clift note)

I decided to do something different with this one since it remains anonymous at who the owner of the drawing is, most likely because of the political climate we see within, So I believe I will give you guys the link to Wikimedia commons


Now let’s talk about the monster that will be brawling the massive ape. And what a monster too boot, Being related to the TOHO Frankenstein monster is something to be feared with this meat-eater. Regeneration and similar strength to the father it was born from. Between that and the regeneration factor it carries, Garia is indeed a monster to be reckoned with. Massive fangs that tear apart prey, short claws that cut through like paper to buildings.

Like Kong being a massive powerhouse, Garia is a force to be revoked with. But this monster isn’t without faults of his own. This monster-like Kong is an ill-tempered beast and a lot of the time, the anger gets in the way to the point where it indeed kills Garia just like how kongs anger got him killed from getting shoot off the empire state building, (At least in the original ones, However, the legendary Kong might be an entirely different animal.) Since we are focusing on all the movie abilities throughout this would mean that size would play a factor in this as well. but between you and me, I think Kong would have the size advantage if we include the legendary version of the creature. This would mean that Gaira would be outsized in terms of height and weight class.

Where do we go with this?

Well, like with all things Kaiju/giant monster related, we need a location where these two would eventually fight. As usual, there are plenty of places these two could fight since they are so evenly matched, maybe the best area would be on an island somewhere in the pacific. Going for Japan seems like an interesting option with its history.

Maybe NASA

who wins?

After looking deeper into this, I concluded that the mighty Kong would eventually be the winner in this fight. Granted, this would be a problem due to the regeneration of Gaira, I do think, Kong would be able to notice and figure out a way to overcome the regeneration. Between this and using his sheer size over Gaira, I think at least those two factors would play a major part within this fight as a whole. But there is one thing we have yet to discuss here. We have yet to discuss the electrical factor. mainly how both creatures are seemingly powered by it, but for some reason, it works differently with Gaira vs Kong with Gaira, it appeared that the military came up with something with electrical bolts that seemed to damage him whereas Kong gains strength from that similar power. Just another advantage this oversized monkey has over opponents.



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