King Ghidorah vs King Ceaser

Gooooood afternoon kaiju maniacs, Here we are, presenting another super classic for the ages. This time we are going full bore into legendary movie status with an epic vs for the ages. Two kings of terror are just waiting to tear each other apart in this super showdown for the ages. so sit back and relax as we take another dive into another classic giant monsters movie vs. As per usual, the pictures’ owners will have their names listed down below.

The place

This is going to be a bit odd since my time got a little wacky this month, But I will say this is one of those fights that could happen anywhere when it boils down to the facts. one major fact is that Ceaser is never mentioned as being a creature that swims. so in the interest of fairness despite the situation, I am going to have to focus on Okinawa as the main fighting ground for this blood feud. With it being described as a guardian monster, Ceaser is only known for being in the specific place Who do you guys think will come out on top? find this out down below.

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King Ceaser

The dog-faced demon of the mountain, King Ceaser comes barreling into this fight with teeth-gnashing and claws sharpened ready to deliver some pain on a few opponents. Being the guardian of Okinawa, King Ceaser held responsibility for the island for many years. of course, being sealed into slumber is a bit of a concern considering, once the guardian wakes, get ready for a fight to the death.

Having the ability to reflect an enemy’s attack on them, King Ceaser delivers on defense. This could be the greatest strength due to the fact during the movie debut, we never see any ranged attack coming from Ceaser himself. This could be counted as a weakness when you consider the circumstances surrounding the monster. Outside of the reflection abilities, the only real notable ability the creature has to be the rage factor when the monster’s ears perk up. It goes into a strange blood rage and becomes almost unstoppable.

However as with many things in life, for every positive about abilities, there is always a negative that is involved in every battle, this includes the lack of ranged attacks. With that facing a creature like Ghidorah, Ceaser is in for a massive fight.



King Ghidorah

With this King, we have a monster of an overwhelming size that gave Godzilla a run for his money. King Ghidorah comes barreling in with wings spread delivering massive amounts of pain.

It goes to show that size does matter and three heads are better than one. Lest we forget about the circumstances surrounding the monster that includes the “Gravity beams” that seem to cause massive damage to an opponent. If Godzilla has anything to say about it. Being able to hand out the damage to anything in its way. the thing that always stood out for me has to be the massive size of the creature.

I think for this battle, the massive size and the flying abilities are what give King Ghidorah the edge over everything that is placed against him. towering over Godzilla at least three times gives Ghidorah the size that could knock down many opponents that the creature wants.

Just because the monster is so huge doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have a weakness, however. Ghidorah for being so large can’t turn around very fast. between that and the two heads always acting independently put Ghidorah at a massive disadvantage. Just not being able to turn around fast enough if the opponent gets right behind Ghidorah.

The winner

It goes to show, The bigger you are, the more destruction you can do. That is true for this story. King Ghidorah came smashing through this competition with the flying colors of gold, “I mean what did you expect from this fella. am I right?” This supercharged three-headed dragon wins the fight at blazing speed making this one of the fastest endings to classic giant monster history. Indeed that is the case with this one folks. in a decisive ending that many can agree on, king Ghidorah becomes the supreme king in this classic showdown.


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