Katsumi Tezuka, Suitmation expert

Before we begin, I’d like to apologize for the wonky postings recently, things have been going topsy turvy with my life as of late. But as with all things in life, we keep trudging along in hopes to get things working out for us. We are monster fans after all. So let’s trample over the competition to this month with another personal bio of the month with a legendary assistant suit actor of the Godzilla movies with Katsumi Tezuka!

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suit maearly life

Very rarely, have I ever found people within the personal bio that remained mysterious. Needless to say, Katsumi is one of those people that you don’t find much information about them. Even the early life is a bit sketchy as far as details go. All I found earlier is that he was born on august 31 1912.

(So since we have run into this problem, I am going to use this to explain some of the mechanics of suitmation and why it became such an art form in toho ad continues to this day.) I think the main reason why suitmation is still a viable art form of films is how the actors behind the costume portrayed each encounter of film. Just imagine what would have happened if the suit actors were uncooperative on set with these types of conditions they were put through when wearing the suits, Sweating constantly, carrying sometimes, eighty-plus of suit, during a scene involving water, to having constant explosions going around all over you as you navigate the mass you were stuck in. I imagine after a full day of this. I think you would just want to come home on the couch and just pass out.

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Basketball and the army

The only other content that I can provide at this moment is to discuss. First and foremost is he was a professional basketball player for the army. Not much is known about this as things are a bit tricky to study. But based on what I found, I can only assume this was a hobby of his during his tour. So much so, he ranked as a professional in the army. Very interesting in any case.

He would later be credited for his first role in the 1940 film Haruyo Izuko. Thus afterward would continue his works with toho on the Godzilla movies up until Ghidorah the three-headed monster.


To summarize, I like to take a moment to appreciate the amount of work that goes into these suits that the actors are placed in on the screen. being so deep into this craft is something that takes determination to be stuck to something for long periods at a time.

Haruo Nakajima and our resident newbie are prime examples of this type of dedication. And I will say things couldn’t have felt so right like this.

My final thoughts

Part of what I do for these personal bios is to find as much information about a person as I can and present it to you guys. the unfortunate part about this personal bio is there isn’t much to this person. Sure he was a basketball player for the Japanese army, But not a lot is mentioned after his stint with toho or anything about his life before. Though there are people like that out in the world. Most of the time, they are not looking to etch their name in anything related to history, most of the time they are the average guy just trying to earn a living in this crazy world. I think that could be the case with this person. It doesn’t mean their story isn’t as interesting as the next mind you, But I do think it means that they were looked at from a different lens that oftentimes, people ignore.


As we close out this fantastic addition to the personal bio classics, I like to thank all of you for your participation in the content. I would also love to hear some of your thoughts going into the blogs. I do like to hear outside opinions every once in a while about how someone feels. Granted the things that need to be addressed have been already been noted, I am sure there are still plenty of improvements needed for the site.

My main focus right now is to work on my grammar for the site. I like to see about adding Grammarly to some of my content to see how far I can go with it before I can work my grammar on my own. I didn’t do as bad as I would have assumed with the basic version. Regardless, this website is about improvement. Eventually, I will see about adding videos to the site and see what you guys think. Never know until you try. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this content as we continue this journey, I can safely say that you guys are very interesting because of google analytics. Whatever the case may be, I promise you guys are going to love the series the more improvements that are done for it. I hope to see you all in the next blog post. Take care guys. (There are unfortunately no links I can send out for the movies this time. But these will be added later.)

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