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Well here is another personal bio for the month as we close in on 100 blog posts We are going to be looking into the story of someone who people could say, wasn’t the most enthused about their position with TOHO, but they did build up how we see monster movies as a whole. Not only that but we also get a deeper dive into the story of someone who might not have been a fan of what they were doing and their thoughts going into this. SO sit back and relax as we dive Kaoru Mabuchi



Sahar writer



Ivan Koulikov

Where he was born

Born on the month of love in 1916, Mabuchi had a normal life. Not much is known about his life before or why he decided to get into film as a screenwriter, but one thing to say is he took everything in his life seriously for how much he put into what he did while at TOHO’s studios. While we don’t know about his family life one could say that despite this, he is an interesting person. I think a lot of what I going on is just how different of a world he grew up in. I mean, this was during the great war. That war was meant to be the end of all wars. But I digress and I believe we should continue with the next topic on Kaoru Mabuchi whose pen name for his writing was Takeshi Kimura

How he got into TOHO

Like most of his life in this, much has remained a mystery for unknown reasons. COuld be the test of time? Could be his shyness of not wanting to be known by many people. It could be a large number of reasons out there. All people have different reasons for keeping life private and that is alright, so in light of all this with little information to go off of, I will list all the movies that Mabuchi contributed to.

Rodan, (DVD only)

Under his pen name
(1956) – Screenwriter [as Takeshi Kimura

The H-Man (blue-ray double feature)

(1958) – Adaptation [as Takeshi Kimura]

The Mysterians(DVD only)

(1957) – Screenwriter [as Takeshi Kimura]

The Human Vapor

(1960) – Screenwriter [as Takeshi Kimura]


(1962) – Screenwriter [as Takeshi Kimura]

Matango(DVD only)

(1963) – Screenwriter [as Takeshi Kimura]

Frankenstein vs Baragon(DVD only)

(1965) – Screenwriter

The War of the Gargantuas(Double feature DVD only high price)

(1966) Screenwriter [with Ishiro Honda]

Destroy All Monsters

(1968) – Screenwriter [with Ishiro Honda]

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

(1971) – Screenwriter [with Yoshimitsu Banno]

These are the handfuls of movies this person has managed to write throughout his long career of doing this.

Why he didn’t like it

This goes without saying, but Mabuchi had a different way of handling his work when it came to Godzilla. One could argue that without that style of work within the movie, one could argue that the reception for the movie wouldn’t have been as well received. There is just a certain way some things should be handled and I don’t believe the movie would have been well received if that wasn’t the case, with the overshadow on the atomic age and how bleak the future was. It is no wonder why our writer didn’t care for his work.

He exercised a lot of demons in what he wrote and managed to come up with amazing art pieces. Granted there is a fine line between being serious and being silly. luckily, Mabuchi found the sweet spot to balance it all out. But just like anything we do in life, we all have a moment where we are faced with whether we should or shouldn’t do it at work. sometimes we do what we don’t like despite the fact we dislike what we do. it is all a matter of what is needed to get the job done.

My thoughts

The thing about this guy when doing my research is the fact there is so little about this person. But yet, we saw he made a major contribution to kaiju/giant monster movies of a variety. Sadly, we don’t get accessible information that is more than a paragraph. It can be very frustrating for some people.

I am mostly frustrated with the fact he had such a prominent role in these movies and yet there so little to go on when talking about these types of movies. The truth is, these types of movies are a niche market. And there are times where people might not discuss the different people who were behind those said movies. That is why I am so big into talking about those people that are encountered. The biggest takeaway from this since there is no information out on this person, Is that I can’t find out more about this person and put it into my perspective.


Well, We have reached the end of our journey with this blog post for the week and we inch closer to our amazing goal of 100 blog posts for the week. I plan on something extra special for you guys for sticking around and reading the content I created. I hope everyone reading this will stick around for this special blog post coming soon. And apologize for some missing links, those are missing because amazon doesn’t appear to have any of those films not highlighted above. But I will update you if there are any changes. With that out of the way, I hope to see you all on the next blog.

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