Irys vs Jiger

This is another fight that is something to get exciting. That is right. In this final Gamera themed verses is one where our main eventer Jiger returns for a final confection with a very new and powerful monster that could break that undefeated streak.with all this in mind, to celebrate I will be leaving this one as a linkless post to honer the last vs we will ever have involving the Gamera series altogether.
Zachi Evenor
Hans Hillewaert

CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

Irys the monster of monsters

Well, let’s start with our newest monster of the series that face Gamera to a standstill with Irys. Yes, I spell Irys differently from what they want. That is because I spell it from the original source material and (I like this spelling better so *Tounge sticks out.*)Joking aside, This monster is pretty buff with those flying abilities as well as the laser rays that can come out of those tentacles as well as carrying the tips that can go through Gamera’s skin. Not only that, but these limbs were also made to suck the blood out of our poor turtle. Yep, Irys is an armored beast who can fight like a tank as far as giant monsters go. This is one monster I don’t think anyone is going to want to mess with other than our other contender down below.

Jiger. The warbeast against Gamera

I see a horned demon incoming and this mama is going to rip someone a new one in this fight. with needles of an inferno that rain down on poor opposites. As well as that we also see Jiger use her abilities to slightly fly in the air to attack their targets. between that and a few laser special effects that vaporize people easily. Plus the needles are more of conduct for that laser to the point of extending this deadly power to vaporize even more than usual. On top of that, She also has a hypodermic needle hidden behind her tail that leaves a nasty parasite for any foe that dares to fight her in close combat. One more thing about this lady you all should worry about is the sticky pad she has for her feet. Because man oh man, does it stick to any metal.

where the fight takes place

It took much consideration to figure where this fight will take place. I have been playing a lot of fights in japan because of the movies. But I feel as though we should have this fight set up in a different location than what we previously have been going for because one(This is the last vs for the Gamera series so I wanted to switch it up) Two(I think it would work out better to have the international feel for his vs since part of what the Gamera series was about was internationalism and cooperation to fight a bigger threat.) With that being said, I made a decision that china would be the area that would be perfect for fighting over and it felt as though it is the most central location of the fight. But I also want to make this clear though with the recent events going on. I do not endorse or have any involvement with china by no means. I am one who just wants to use this as an output of my creative side for your fans to check out and enjoy some content. I am usually a jokester with some of my stuff here where ever it is appropriate, But this is one thing I will not joke about. Thank you for your understanding.

who comes out on top.

You have seen the conclusions we usually come about with on this website. Granted a large amount comes from my big perspective but I believe for this one you will be very surprised at who the winner is going to be.the one the only IRYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You hear it right. The undefeated streak is finally over! with everything about these two proud beasts go toe to toe with each other to show which one of these mighty brutes would win. After much thought about what is brought into this is this. Irys took Gamera to new points we never seen Gamera go to before. I got to say with that being the case along with the fact Irys could punch through The poor turtle’s shell easily along with the fact this monster does draw out more Gyaos that already overrun Gamera’s life. So you got the numbers game playing against her which would eventually overwhelm the dinosaur.


Well, this is getting pretty emotional since this will be the last vs we ever do that is based around the Gamera series. (Break out the tissue paper.) I would like to issue a thank you for following me through this journey I am glad you have also enjoyed this journey as much as I have. As you all will know I m making this post a very special one as it is the last “Gamera themed” vs we will do for here. You might see some Gamera monsters once in a while but it will not be a test to fight strictly Gamera monsters. This was a very fun experience for me on this website reviewing these types of movies. I am not the funniest guy who could do a review here. But the corn just flys out once in a while. Here is another thank you from me for sticking around and checking out my works again. I really do appreciate this. I am going to end off with safe travels and I will see you on the next blog.

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