Invasion of the astro monster

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The Story

diving deep into the story, we get the usual opening score with a different tune from toho. We then reach the first scene where there is a discovery of a new planet near Jupiter dubbed “Planet x” So the government of japan decides to send a two-man expedition to investigate the planet for signs of life. With this being a giant monster movie, You know how it goes, We find out there is intelligent life on the planet when one of the astronauts turns up missing briefly. Later on, We notice that the aliens within this planet for a reason later explained in the movie

King Ghidorah is ruling over the planet by constantly bombarding it with the gravity beams we all know and love. This causes alarm with the aliens despite attempting a calm nature. eventually, Ghidorah manages to damage a plant facility that causes the aliens to cover the scene with a type of beam that cancels out any sound around the astronauts. It appears that the aliens are attempting to hide something according to one of the men. but of course, that sort of intuition is later expressed as right later on.

Eventually, the astronauts make their way back to earth after a mix-up concerning their exploring the alien spaceship leads the aliens to stop them and send the humans home. But not before a posed promise was made, that being, If the humans would allow for the aliens to capture Godzilla and Rodan to fight Ghidorah. In exchange, the aliens would give a “Mircical drug that could cure all illnesses known to mankind.

So everyone agrees with this after the astronauts make it back to earth with one of them wondering if the aliens have alternative motives. eventually, it is realized with the idea of taking over the world. Managing to take control of all three monsters in a slight ruse, the aliens decide to use the monsters to take over the earth. Will they succeed? Find out for yourself.



spectacle to behold

There are plenty of positives this movie has for us that I decided to add this as a whole heading. but some of the things that caught my attention about this movie have been how the characters of Godzilla Rodan and Ghidorah interacted with each other Between that and the action brought about I will say this is an unusually active movie despite the idea of these monsters being so big. Just so awe-inspiring seeing Godzilla make a jump like a basketball player within some scenes within the movie you guys will see.

Kenneth Carpenter,

Hot topic

There are pluses and negatives about this movie and I think this is where I will put the negatives. Now I know there are people out there that seem to have a problem with other’s opinions. Rest assured though, Classic giant monsters encourage different opinions on-site regardless of one person’s opinions. We are a site dedicated to different voices giving different opinions and as long as you follow the rules listed in the “Info of the site” link above,



TOHO pictures


my hot take

It has been a while since I left a few personal hot takes on movies besides what I usually do within the content you read in the story. But I do want to give you guys a more in-depth review as to my thoughts going forward and why this film is indeed a classic. I do feel the usual error within the movie does make it a somewhat difficult piece to understand. Most of it has to do with the aliens and some of their plans.

The concept of using something like a monster to conquer the world just feels too cheesy to me, Even if this was a pre cold war era, the weirdness of the idea comes across to me as super awkward to watch. But as I always say, at the end of all this, it boils down to just one opinion online. It doesn’t matter how one thinks about a certain part of something like this. It is up to you to decide what you want to watch and how you want to watch it. Don’t let anyone anywhere change the way you view movies. (Little life lesson from a monster movie site)


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Invasion of the Astro Monster(DVD only)

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