Hedorah vs Megalon

Another vs? Unheard of. Well, believe what your own eyes see as we venture back into the unknown with this vs for this week. This vs is a bit of an oddball idea I came up with a while back I never before tested till this very moment. Now we get to see what’s going to happen before our eyes. just to make sure everyone understands, I am sort of foregoing the likes for the vs blogs until something different happens. This is mostly so I stay on amazons good graces and to make everyone happy. But it is what it is. So let’s go ahead and explore another vs scenario from the one, the only, classic giant monsters!!!!!!!

The place.

really anywhere, these creatures could fight each other. But since we mostly stick with ground base battles (some exceptions) Let’s see about using America as a landing zone. We haven’t talked about something like that in a while, Just so much vast territory that could be used.

I’m thinking for this one, why not we take this a step further and have the fight in a place we’ve never had a stand-alone fight. maybe somewhere in the swamplands of Louisiana. Seems like an interesting place to have a kaiju fight that would spice things up for our amazing fandom.




Sebastián J.L






There is a lot going for this monster that turns the tide of any fight, but for those of you who are just joining, let me go over what megalon is for context.

Megalon was an enemy in the showa movies of Godzilla that was short-lived but did make a major impact on my little mind back in the day for being a scary creature in a movie not known for its fear factor. But regardless of the situation, the main design for the character is undeniably different from the usual big eye encounters with other monsters.

Like a beetle, Megalon has the appearance down pat with being able to stand up on its two legs and carrying its close weapon of choice with the drilling arms. (I wouldn’t want to be in front of that when the drill starts spinning) Megalon’s many weapons have devastating impacts on its enemies, The drill happens to be the most versatile of Megalon’s many weapons. the drill itself helps with the creature digging underground at intence speeds. This give an undeniable advantage as not only can it dig, it can fly as well.

Between that and the massive range of weapons, (Like the beam of lighting from the horn or the explosive balls that launch from its mouth) Megalon proves to be a devastating opponent to be reckoned with. This of course makes for an imposing adversary for any enemy. However, just like any monster from TOHO or in general, there is always a strength to a weakness.

The main one that comes to mind has to be the creature being controlled.


well, since we got done with talking about that bug, let’s go ahead and talk about that blob in the TOHO universe. For those of you who are not familiar with Hedorah as well, let me explain in detail, what the monster is and how this monster fairs.

Hedorah is a creature from space that thrives off of pollution. So much so that earth became a permanent resident in TOHOs line up of monsters. Being a creature of that sort of blobish nature. Hedorah doesn’t appear to have any known weaknesses off the bat. The most noticeable feature about the creature is the fact that it can use its whole body as a weapon. being consistent of pure pollution. meaning acid that burns enemies at a moment’s notice, One could say that this monster is a walking pollution. That and the laser beam eyes that seem so powerful they knock Godzilla to the ground, All this combined makes Hedorah an opponent to be reckoned with.

And we haven’t even gotten to the parts where the creature moves. That could be the scary part about this monster. that being, the ability to fly and swim makes this another creature of versatility. emitting toxic gas in the air that knocks Godzilla to the ground, to reducing humans who only moments ago were alive into nothing but bones.

With all these strengths I’m sure everyone here is thinking that Hedorah is invincible, Most of the time you would be right, except for a few things.

Firstly, this monster can’t stand being dehydrated, as shown in the movie, Hedorah can’t stand being dehydrated. that becomes a major issue in combat for those of you who have seen the movie. Next, We have the fact the creature is addicted to pollution as though it was sugar to a child. While it may seem like it wouldn’t affect the fights out come, we must remember just the personality Hedorah has over something like this, If Hedorah gets distracted, (which easily happens) it buys time to figure out how to defeat the creature and as with any fight situation. the longer the fight goes, the more likely some total defeat will occur.


TV BrasilGov


after a lot of thought and reasonable study, I came to the conclusion that Hedorah would be the eventual winner of this fight. This was one of those fights where on the outset, you would assume this would be an easy fight between a blob and a beetle, But that isn’t the case here. While it was eventual that Hedorah would be able to take out the oversize beetle, That goes without saying that if Megalon had another advantage I think the outcome would have been completely different, But with classic giant monsters, we are not always about the what-ifs, But this is the result after hours of thought.

Hedorah is the full fledge winner.


Well, that’s another one for the books this go around. classic giant monsters is always proud to deliver the best content blogging has to offer. This time, we did have a little mix-up with the usual time I blog these kinds of blogs, But Hopefully, the season treats us all kindly as we make our way through the Heisei era of these films. But as with all things. It’s time to end this off with a merry Christmas and a happy new year from myself at classic giant monsters. I’ll see you guys in the next blog post.

(Update) I’ll be taking a break for this go-around to celebrate Christmas But I will be blogging by the New Year’s end afterward. so stay tuned in, bookmark this site, and continue to enjoy classic giant monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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