Godzlla 1956

In this review for the week, We are going to be reviewing a massively successful piece of work that defined an entire generation of fans around the world. Having this being remade multiple times but yet still respected as a pinnacle of storytelling, this review is going to be one of the most detailed reviews to date as this movie is one of my all-time favorites to come out. well with that out of the way, let me introduce my hot take on a movie I would call one of the greatest kaiju/giant monster movies of all time. So without further ado, As an amazon affiliate and delivering TOHO pictures, This is GODZILLA!

The story

In this story, we start by following the main character who is a reporter that recently was buried under tons of rubble from a devastating attack. The musical score is very foretelling of what we are going to see for the future movie. The movie fades to where the main character was starting as a reporter en route to investigate a series of the disappearance of ships in the Tokyo area. A victim of the said attacks washes up on Odo Island. WHen later our main character encounters the victim,
he learns of the island inhabitants’ long-held belief in a sea monster god known as “Godzilla”, which they believe caused the ship disasters. That night, a heavy storm strikes the island, destroying houses and killing some villagers. The islanders believe that Godzilla was actually responsible for the destruction.

The main character along with a doctor investigate The damage since there was a suspicion that there. It is soon realized with the radioactivity out there. The sound of ringing is heard from an alarm bell and we are soon introduced to the first sighting of the one the only, GODZILLA.

The special effects

This was a groundbreaking design as it transcended expectations from the movie (Originally, it was going to be full-on stop motion effects not unrelated to Ray Harryhausen’s works before.) They didn’t know how to suit motion would work at the time since it was groundbreaking. I would imagine there was a lot of pressure to make do with what they had at the time. But thanks to the determination and creative spirit, TOHO managed to create one of the most brilliant films of our time. People would sometimes keep pointing out the “Rubbersuit” concept as something so cartoonish that it is unbelievable, While we at classicgiantmonsters don’t condone any aggression at these types of comments it should be noted how shallow such a statement is when it comes to these types of movies.

Just to add my hot take, it is funny how a lot of people who mention this about kaiju/giant monsters would comment on “rubber suits” while in the same light they never seem to mention a thing when it comes to some superhero movies. But even so. It is on them for their things and I will always be a better person and just let it go. But that doesn’t mean my opinion is invalid at that moment.

The dark undertones

I think people understand what the atomic bomb is and what it’s capable of after decades of science showing the dangerous effects and the consequences afterward. Hence why the cold war existed. Even before, the movie symbolized the horror of nuclear war in the form of a monster. Just the devastation that is entitled just shows just how horrifying nuclear weapons can be.

This movie provides that in the form of Godzilla When a monster transcends from just a monster to a memorable symbol of the worst humanity has to offer, it is really telling on how much of an impact this has on peoples, lives.

What the movie means for me

I had a lot of fond memories of this movie as I look into this once again. Between memories from an old friend to how well-versed the movie is, It is just one of those things that you just know when you see it. It is one of those moments where You only gain it once and it changes you forever, That’s how I feel about this movie. Just so much going into this one that it is hard not to miss for me.

It’s one of those movies I highly recommend for anyone wanting to start watching the Godzilla series of movies in a certain way. It definitely is a great starting point for those who might want to get deep into the series as a whole because of how well-versed this movie is, from the impressive musical score from TOHO to the impressive acting prowess of Akihiko Hirata and Ramond Burr. You get a mantra of amazing moments within the movie along with a groundbreaking design.


Well, we have reached the end of another classic giant monsters movie for the masses to see. And once again we end off with some amazing links down below for you guys to enjoy. Now granted I haven’t been getting the best out there with discounts and things like that. But I will say this, the links provided will always be the best finds I could find for you guys whether it is from the Prime video or a physical release With that out of the way I hope you enjoy the content and I will see you on the next blog.

Godzilla 1956(DVD only)

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