Godzillas revenge or all monsters attack

Here’s another oddity for all you monster lovers to enjoy. jammed packed with monsters of many different shapes and sizes coming to you from the only Classic giant monsters!!!!! With this new review, I would like to remind you that all pictures belong to their respected owners




the story

The story is about a small kid trying to live his life among bullies in his neighborhood. What’s still is he is always home alone with his father working for the railroad and his mother working as a waitress at the local cafe in Tokyo. So you know this poor kid’s life is kind of dull and lonely. using only his imagination to cope with his environment and the local toymaker in the neighborhood. this is when we see where his imagination takes life with shots of the monster island becoming real before the kid’s eyes. seeing all the favorite monsters he eventually comes across that little abomination called Minya. the son of Godzilla. So let’s just say a lot is going on with the movie, But they even become friends to the point where minilya becomes a mentor for our main character. even discussing how to fight the bullies like how Godzilla tries to teach minilya how to fight his bully with Gabera. (You know that weird cat that turned out to be a toad.)

But when things get turned upside down by a band of kidnappers, Our main must use his teaching from his friend on monster island. will he be able to survive?


special effects

You know where I stand on this topic with this, but for those who don’t, I will say there have been improvements to the entire casting lineup as a whole. The suits are seamless and flow evenly through the film smoothly. even the action though fairly goofy for its tone still holds up for how maneuverable and believable the action is for each scene. Minillya kind of grew on me when I saw the movie and to be fair, That dubbed voice is very memorable when you first meet little Godzilla




I like the direction this went despite it being directed at kids. Sure you still have those campy moments here and there with things, But like a couple of other movies in the classic blogs, That’s part of their charm. We will continue this with how far this went as a whole. Now I am not talking about box office success. No, I am talking about how it stands as an emotional thrill ride. There are movies out there that fit the certain time span they were released, but there are very few out there that can be called timeless. This movie fits that character. Being lonely with hard-working parents is never easy on a kid, and sometimes they have to dive into the world of imagination to escape the harsh reality of the real world, We see that a lot with our main character. Though the plus is being able to confide in people like next-door neighbors is what helps our character out in the long run. Just seeing his lifestyle and who he befriends gives us an idea of how likable the character is and how much development we see throughout the movie.



my thoughts

It is a nice kids’ movie that is full of amazing moments of wonder while at the same time, reminding you of how silly the world can be at times. We just got to move forward with these types of movies and learn from our mistakes one way or another. The thing that interests me about this movie and what I think is, just how goofy it is considering. This was meant to be directed towards kids and yet here we are with a giant radioactive monster signing up as an allegory for atomic weapons and there is a kid in the background who has crazy elusive dreams of living among these monsters.

To me, that is just crazy to think about. Being this is from a kid’s point of view it can be understood as to why they think that way. Yet as adults we understand the deeper meaning of these types of symbols whether fiction or real.


Pat Loika

(Funny comment) (Godzilla is still getting all the ladies after all these years)



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