Godzilla vs ‎Pulgasari

It has been a while since we last had the verses on here, hasn’t it? Well, you guys can rest easy, Because I have the perfect solution for you. Coming up in this new and slightly improved versus match we are going back to the reigning champion who has been the center of attention as of late. You guessed it, GODZILLA is our newest guy for the win, But there is a challenger in this fight that could topple the king of the monster’s winning streak with Pusangeri. This fight will be one of the best on here. (But of course, that isn’t unusual, You got me doing the writing after all.) Introducing the first verses in a while. Godzilla vs Pusangari. Pictures were taken by




The King

This is where we go over the king of the monster’s strengths and weaknesses while introducing(Or at least try to) New abilities that have not been mentioned here. We will start by going over the show Godzilla traits as this is the monster we are focused on at the moment. So let’s get started.

First: Let’s look at the durability of Godzilla. Being a radioactive dinosaur with almost weapon-proof skin, the monster carries a regenerative factor that is top their when it comes to these types of fights. Being known for the aggressive type of combat is very telling with how many monsters Godzilla managed to kill. Just the record numbers speak for themselves with this monster. Top all that with the devastating atomic breath and you have yourself an unstoppable beast of pure destruction.

There are some negatives to this creature however that would play out in this fight for dominance. One thing that would play a factor is that if Godzilla takes too much damage on a single strike and gets hit repetitively in the same spot, his regeneration seems to weaken,(As shown in a movie we will later on review.)


Now we are on to Pusangari. A relatively new kaiju in the classic giant monster archive. Pulgasari delivers a punch. The bull-like creature was built for destruction as it is known for being a terror to feudal Korea. Being a monster of close combat, Pulgasari Is an iron golem that feeds on Iron from would-be attackers.

Fueled from the rage of an old blacksmith, Pulgasari shows aggression that wasn’t seen by any human before. being able to topple an empire with vicious intent, Pulgasari is one monster that few survive from. powered by the blood of the blacksmith’s daughter ever since it was born.

The abilities of the creature go like this. Being able to grow almost indefinitely, and heating the entire body of the creature makes this one hot tomato of a monster to fight. With all that going for the said creature, it is a wonder if this beast has a weakness. But you would be wrong thinking there is none for Pulgasri. You remember that blood the daughter gave to create the monster? Well, that same blood that brought the monster to life is also the way to kill the beast. Though I will say that is going to be harder than normal considering the daughter of the first monster died from sacrificing herself to the monster. But who knows, there could be more to the monster than meets the eye.

The place for the fight


This is going to be debatable as to where this fight is going to be. It could play out in Japan, It could play out in Korea. Or even meet in the middle where the two would fight in an environment on even ground. Maybe even fighting in Vietnam. There isn’t a lot of action when it comes to Vietnam and giant monsters. But there is someone out there that might change that concept. (Mostly a future interview on here when the time is right.) all in all, I think Vietnam will be the place for the major fight.) Just imagining the jungles being torn apart by these two massive titans will make for an excellent vs a place for this new match to take place. So without further delay, here are the results of this fight to the fullest

How the fight ends

This was going to be a tough one from the very beginning as both monsters are extremely durable abilities that would make any sort of fight an extremely long one. But after a long while of wondering just which one would win this fight, I concluded that PULGASARI is the winner. While typically, Godzilla’s regeneration would be a major factor in every fight, I am thinking Pulgasari would be able to numb it out. A lot of the tweaking of the regeneration would have to do with the major heat factor of Pulgasari. Being so close to the skin with that type of heat would cartelize(Burn out the wound) any healing Godzilla could potentially have. So that is my conclusion for how this fight ends. Pulgasari makes it to the top and ends the kings winning streak on classic giant monsters.


So we have reached the end of our journey today with another fight in the classic giant monster books. With that remember that All links provided down below are commissioned pieces where I receive a small number of earnings from the links. Thank you again for checking out my content as we continue in the amazing world of monster movies. See you guys in the next blog.







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