Godzilla vs Megalon

From dinosaurs to three-headed dragons from outer space, We are back with another classic giant monster movie review for this week. This time we are looking at another favorite movie of mine that is underrated a lot of times. So much so I am calling it criminal because of how the movie was set up and performed splendidly.

The story

I liked the direction the story took with a back to its roots theme of nuclear testing and warfare. The concept of an advanced civilization suffering under nuclear testing really puts the empathy meter to a whole new level. The relatable villain concept that recently came into the media I believe can trace its roots back over to these kinds of stories.

Though I do have my own problems with the concept. Most of which involves overusing empathy to get a rise out of an audience who will eventually grow tired of the troupe. (At least they are not throwing comedy skits at the audience in awkward situations. Taking a jab at legendary for that one which I’m sure you will see more of in the future.)

George Chernilevsky

The action

with tones of explosions and a vicious-looking new monster with Megalon. this is sure to be a memorable moment everyone is sure to enjoy. Between that and the agile Godzilla delivering amazing movies, you guys will sure find this as one of the most laughable moments in the movie. (Trust me I know my stuff.)

As mentioned above, the action is very fun to watch and does bring shock and ah whenever people go to see this type of film. not to mention all that cheese it brings. I mean there is enough cheese there to build a kaiju size sandwich that every cheese head would love to dive into. I know if I am into this. Better ask for the extra cheese and add a lot more meat for this one. Love the beef that comes with this one.

Tom Ackroyd

A robot named Jet

Now, this character is something of a guilty pleaser for me as an adult. Why is that you ask? Well for starters, let’s go over the history with this character. Believe it or not, this character was inspired by a kid who entered a drawing contest that TOHO held once. The kid was mentioned to have been inspired by Ultraman and wanted to draw an Ultraman-like character hence how Jet Jaguer came to be known.

The next point is the design of the character as a whole. Packed with bright colors and wearing what looks like an oversized grin, Jet is sure to be impressed in a lot of people’s minds on the first viewing of the super robot.

Finally, there are the abilities of the robot, being able to master combat styles and use them to his advantage. (You will see what I mean when viewing this movie.) But yeah, this robot is a fan favorite of mine to be sure.

Charles J. Sharp



Now we get into talking about my favorite villain in the showa series. Megalon. Being a creature from the lost city of seatopia, Megalon brings out the darker fears of childhood. from the ambiance of the monster flying out of seatopia with the darkness bringing out the occasional flashes of light give a distinct feeling that this monster isn’t to be taken lightly. with the ability to include the lightning from the one major horn poking out menacingly, to the explosives that launch from its mouth delivering devastation to the countryside.

Even the appearance just screams horror with the menacing look of the emotionless pair of bug eyes the creature sports along with the sharp fangs that make you wince every time the jaws open up to release devastation. instead of hands or claws, Megalon has drills of appendages. while they are not meant to grab hold of things. this creature can burrow deep underground to deliver surprise attacks when it wants.

Simply put, Megalon is one of the most terrifying monster’s I have ever seen with the showa era of movies, so much so that in my opinion, if they were to end the movie series sooner, it should be at the point of meet Megalon just for how serious the character looks in this. Not to mention the gore effects the partner in crime Gigan delivers. I will say things with this monster continue to deliver with gore and the frightening behavior the monster brings to the table. You put these two together and you have one of my favorite combinations TOHO has ever produced in monster films.


Another review made here at classic giant monsters. Delivering the best the business has to offer. Between giant monkeys and lizards to some more unusual monsters, we deliver it all right to your front door. And what a time to be getting into these types of movies. Showing off the awe and wonder of the human imagination bringing together fantastical stories for the whole world to enjoy. Whether it is from the comfort of your home or in a movie theater, there is no doubt that people love these kinds of movies. Just to remind you guys, thank you for visiting my website as a whole. It is always amazing to see the numbers of my analytics grow with each passing movie that I review. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Godzilla vs Megalon

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