Godzilla vs Megaguirus

Whelp, it is another week for the kaiju/giant monster movies for this week And this time, we are diving into a movie where we get to see two monsters once again going toe to toe in this classic for the week. In this one, Godzilla gets to face a new type of monster never before seen with this one. As the usual stand out, I am an amazon affiliate and the pictures below were taken by

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Now we are at the point where I talk about this new creature design that was the new enemy of Godzilla. This creature is a dragonfly-like creature that posed a threat to this Godzilla in this new universe we are going to explore. Being from the black hole and munching down on a few people sets the tone of what we see for this movie. I loved how they set up this creature in a fixed horror setting to create a tone for that movie.

From the exoskeleton being constantly shredded off the skin that contained such a beast to a prime form large enough to go toe to toe with our favorite big lizard.So many bugs sting with this creature that you should be aware of.





The story itself

Well, the timeline has changed in this story as the original with the 54 Godzilla being replaced with the Godzilla we see in this movie. (Spoiler alert.) In this timeline, the original weapon that killed off the original monster was never created in that timeline. So this Godzilla turns out to be the only one in this timeline. Anyways, this prompts Japan to move the capital over to Osaka japan, and come up with a new organization to combat Godzilla.

Needless to say, in this timeline during the 1960s when they decide to avoid nuclear power due to the destruction Godzilla caused. So a new energy source was made called plasma energy in 1996. This became the first Clean source of energy in Japan’s existence. So there was a bit of peace with Japan until 1996 when we get to see who I believe will be the main character of the story. A return of Godzilla seemingly out of nowhere causing alarm and deploys the main character’s military unit to combat Godzilla.

In that mission with her commanding officer suffered a horrible fate causing her to attempt to attack Godzilla with the weapon that was carried to open up the start of the movie. (A lot is going on even in the opening movie.)(While I don’t have any problems with this approach, I do feel this was an unnecessary drawn-out scene that could have been explained later within the movie.) The movie returns us to the modern times of 2001. This is where we get to meet our next character who is doing a magic trick for the kids at a noodle shop. The funny thing is, the main character we saw previously just so happens to be looking for this guy under a different title working for the G force.

She pulls the wool from those kid’s eyes to show off the tech guy’s ingenious abilities with his mini-robots made hidden under his soup bowl. (I am going to just say this now. if college kids were this inventive with tech today so much of the world’s problems would be solved overnight.) But continuing onward with this. the main character prompts the guy with a proposal to come work with G force to create a new weapon to destroy Godzilla.

This is a new device that can create mini black holes they plan on using to suck Godzilla out of existence. The question is, Will it work? find out with the link provided down below.


my thoughts

I do have high hopes for this film as it did give me a good watch. I enjoy the style of the movie that didn’t take itself too seriously and had fun with the product that is Godzilla It is all really top-notch stuff coming out of TOHO. But moving on from that, I believe this to be a movie for a casual moviegoer mainly like the movie “The giant claw” it has a humor element everyone can relate to. Just something that can bring in new people if humor is what attracts them. That is the way I usually do these things. I rather people explore more about the Giant monster community/kaiju community.

Ideas for Classic Giant Monsters

As things within this site grow, I realize that people coming over could be confused about what parts of the site So I might take a week to do a bit of organization on this site to give you guys something to look forward to. I am also still thinking about making a live stream show for everyone and posting the link here for your viewing pleasure. The link will direct you to my youtube account that I will set up since twitch is kind of a younger type of platform. As for the other things, I plan on organizing things into separate categories so that it will be easier for new fans and returning fans to see the content they want. I will need to come up with something though in case you guys do decide to check on the links on every post. I could have you guys post your comments on particular links. Just to make the viewing experience more than just words and pictures on the screen. I want to grow this into something for everyone to enjoy.


So another classic giant monster blog post has come to an end this go around. Thank you for your time and be sure to check out my links, leave comments down below and I will check you guys out on the next blog post till then. Let’s watch some movies.

Godzilla vs Megaguirus



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