Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla

Back by popular demand, classic giant monsters reach a closing point to the showa era movies. This point is taken into yet another different direction with the popularity of the “spy genre” dominating the culture market in the ’70s with the James bond movies. With that going on TOHO wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go unnoticed with their movies, so they took it on themselves to deliver in their own style of content with Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla. Just a friendly reminder that I am an amazon affiliate once again and the pictures will have the labels directed to their content creator.


The story

Well, there is a lot to say about the story itself but I will not go into detail as I feel it would give away too much information that could be better used to hype out your movie experience. A mysterious prophecy. an alien race attempting to take over the world once again and another whole list of characters that audience members out there will enjoy. Might even grow fond of them if you enjoy the movie.

In my humble opinion, the movie is solid of the story being compelling and keeping the attention to how the world plays out with each sequence of events.

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The special effects

I will say the special effects for the movie were very bright and colorful for the scenes. They always deliver its color-filled blasts seeing sets on fire a little with everything roaming around on the inside of the scene. Just so much going on with the scene makes things that much more exciting while at the same time, feeling very distracting from the main point of each scene. a kind of a give and take relationship this movie seems to have with the audience.

The action of the movie is packed with superficial spy nods to the genre out there. With the heroes of the story taking on these super-powered monkey aliens, its jams bond meets StarTrack rolled into one packed movie filled with awesome monsters. From the new king Ceaser to Godzilla and the super robot mecha Godzilla, you can just imagine the chills this movie will bring into your home. while like Godzilla vs Gigan, there is a few moments of gore that aren’t suitable for all audiences, there is no doubt that this movie continues to shine with its impressive effects and amazing actors.

Mecha Godzilla

Mecha Godzilla isn’t a giant monster. (Let me explain for those who might not follow) I don’t believe Mecha Godzilla should be considered a giant monster. Because of the fact, the creature isn’t organic I feel as though that the robot is more focused on being something designed to specifically to defeat Godzilla.

From the missiles to increased new weapons that damage Godzilla in big ways, mecha has provided more reason for it to be classified as a giant robot vs a monster. Let’s also take into account the appearance of the robot on top of what we know it can do.

The silvery color, the mechanical movements, the trademark “roar” all this topped with a side of monkey aliens controlling the robot in order to contour the earth for their own liking. I think this makes a robot in the making. (side note) “I am losing touch with the content as I write this. When talking about Mecha Godzilla, the mistake of calling it a monster happened roughly seven times during the process of making this content maybe more so when you guys get to read on this content.” “I hate to say this, but this must be me getting old, it is like the garth brooks country song. I’m much too young to feel this damed old.”

King Ceaser

what more can one say about the dog face monster we saw in the movie? There is a lot going on with the brown demon from the mountain. between having eyes that reflect Mecha Godzilla to an aggressive overcharge when angered, King Ceaser is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Sadly there isn’t much to tell about this monster unless you want a deep dive into a religion. (PRO tip) classic giant monsters tend to be a wide point for all audiences, all religions covered are covered to the most basic form with no content mentions or any lead way into the religion’s belief system.


Well, there is another review for the books this week. I hope everyone is having a good time on this journey through these movies one by one. while we are reaching the end of the showa era of monsters, that doesn’t mean that the Godzilla series ends right there. Nope. that means, we are going into my absolute favorite era of the Godzilla films. while the showa did have fantastic moments for me, what really got me into the movies as a whole has to be the era called Heisi. A period in Japan’s history of a culture that filled Japan’s history.

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