Godzilla VS Hedorah

It has been quite a while since I talked about the big G on here, hasn’t it? Well, this one is going to be interesting as this is another movie I never cared too much for. But it is one movie that deserves to be reviewed on here as a whole. “As” we go into the 66 blogs that have been created here. I feel a bit ecstatic for more blogs. Once I reach 100 blogs, I plan on making something special for everyone who followed me here. But for now, I would like to show you another review for this week and the pictures were taken by



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Environmentally friendly movie

Well, this is the part when I got to talk about my grievances with this movie as well as my opinion as to why this doesn’t work. Let’s first talk about the emotional aspect of the film and why to me this is a failure. The biggest grip that always gets me with this film is how the film portrayed the ecological disaster as a whole. Starting with an oil rig when Hedorah attacked an oil rig to in cress in size. It is like they are making everything out with this as a ritual context with the movie. “While” this is a fictional monster sure. But the focus should have been on the real-world problem relating to the monster in more realistic detail. Even just using photos of the aftermath of an oil spill could be very useful in checking things out. That way the audience isn’t focused on the fake aspect of the movie and focuses on the real-world problems faced here. You can obviously see how bad it affects the environment just by looking at real-world photos of what is going on. Just look at the impact on a population of a different species if that is a concern for an example.

The next concern is mostly me being so nit-picky on the subject by why is that you would humanize a character like Hederoah(More to be explained in the review)I see big eyes on a blob who is like a living creature with the said eyes. Just too much humanism on a creature that is out of this world. Now we get to the part where I begin to talk about the story itself here. So here it is.

The story

The movie starts where we see trash floating in the ocean followed by some crazy music the 70s had to offer( I will say some said music to me seemed so overly loud for the tone the movie was trying to set.)We reach a scene where we get a glimpse of a boy and his father studying the ocean that is filled with garbage affecting wildlife. The father jumps into the ocean and discovers Hedorah that seems to want to attack the poor father. Regardless of his seemingly narrow escape part of his face is burned from the toxic liquid the monster creates. The creature itself isn’t content with staying in the water as it jumps out with the boy sticking his knife in the air to cut the thing in half. We get an awkward scene where the boy calls for his dad to later transition to a part where there is no explanation of how the dad got out. I could only assume this is from the kid’s perspective but even then, there isn’t much context for lazy writing.

So later on, We see the father studying a piece of the monster found by a neighboring fisherman that appears to be dried up. That is when the discovery of the Hedorah is made. A few non-important cut scenes later. We get to see the Hedorah in action. The Hedorah makes landfall to show off its destructive effects with many effects involving the people. Even with Godzilla’s encounter with Hedorah, you notice the continuous amount of destruction afterward with humans in a horrific crossfire. Without doing too much spoiling, I will say this is a movie you have to see to believe as this is wild.

Special effects

The special effects were pretty solid when considering this was TOHO’s work. There can always be improvements here and there with some works. But I let that slide considering what we are dealing with. Some scenes could use some better technical finis for their works. Take the first encounter with Godzilla and Hedorah, when Godzilla was swinging Hedorah around and causing parts to be flung all around smashing into the building, Would it have been a hard special effect to have the sludge smash into trees causing them to break apart and fall? I felt as though There were plenty of ways they could have placed a scene where realism could be used. Even just using some quick shots of the balls of toxin flying through the air could be shaped similarly to the smokestacks you see from factories if they were going for that route.

My thoughts

All in all a lot of the movies depending on what fits your fancy. For myself, I am going to say that the movie needed some work here and there. But it is entertaining and can be a deeper movie if you want to dive deeper into this movie. Most of what I see in this movie is a call back to the 70s with those weird clothing choices and a message I constantly hear all the time. After hearing something so many times I just gave up on that idea and focused more on why this is a thing and what damages the movie for me. I feel this movie is just another reminder that environmental movies can only work if realism becomes a thing. There are only so many times when you hear the same old thing over before it becomes repetitive. Some of you might like this type of movie and I am fine with it. What this blog is made for is speaking my mind on things and giving some of you who haven’t seen a chance to see the said movies through my links I will have colored in blue down below. With the partnership with Kaijuvision on the way, I will start by having some of his videos down below. Check it out along with my amazon link to see the movie you want.

Godzilla VS Hedorah


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