Godzilla vs Gigan

We are getting into some of my favorite movies from this era of film and I am excited. Godzilla vs Gigan is one of those types of movies where you expect the unexpected. It’s a movie that goes over the top with some of its spectacular special effects for its time. Going for broke, TOHO acts like it is jumping into the next level of crazy movie moments with how this movie plays out. plenty of cheese and a lot more dark moments make this movie a little less kid-friendly. Friendly reminder again. I’m an amazon affiliate and all pictures belong to their respected owners listed below their pictures provided.



The story

okay, you get your campy style of the movie with a science-fiction style of a story that makes you want more from this production. Space aliens that assume the forms of cockroaches wanting to take over the earth secretly by building a theme park are all you could ask for in that type of movie. A comic book artist and a whole plethron of characters come charging in on this amazing journey to save the planet from the aliens after listening in on signals that call down alien monsters Ghidorah and the newest monster to join the fight with GIGAN. But for our heroes, stealing the tape only to play it in reverse calls their own monsters with Godzilla and his side-kick, Anguirus leading the charge.


special effects

I figured the special effects found were very well played out for the characters who were sported within. You got Godzilla being the massive superhero wanting to live in peace along with his trusty sidekick angulirus by his side. While we see the villains with Ghidorah and Gigan bring the fight to our monster heroes.

Massive explosions coupled with the usual monster action we see from these movies. we also get a dash of human vs alien action that makes the movie that much more entertaining for what it’s worth. Just all sorts of fun and excitement there for people. even a few dumb scenes never cease in the entertainment value of this movie.

Growing up, I still look back on this movie with great fondness for what it tried to be. It was a movie that tried to push the boundaries of its industry. pushing to new heights in itself as a whole. By doing so, helped make this movie part of the memorable collection. I recommend any monster movie fan a watch when they get the chance to see how it pushed itself to whole new levels and in turn described what we would soon define as a legendary Godzilla movie.

Patrick Fitzgerald


This is the newest monster we have yet to review on this site. And despite people comparing it to a robot chicken. I think this is the scariest chicken we have ever seen. Sporting blades all over its body, Gigan is the first monster thus far to cause Godzilla to bleed. I got to say Like classic giant monsters) he really CUTS away at the competition. (You thought I was done delivering puns? No way. I’m just getting started and you can’t stop me.) So that’s enough bragging. But Gigan really is an interesting monster to check out mainly for how bizarre the creature is presented as. It’s basically a walking buzzsaw with a bad attitude.

Outside of being an oddball to a monster, there isn’t much to it. Just a walking buzzsaw that cuts through Godzilla as though he was butter. being the first character in toho to make Godzilla bleed is what makes the monster stand out above everything else.

Claus Ableiter

(You know because we are a family website.)

Gore effects

As an avid horror fan of these types of movies, I can say TOHO surprised me as a kid when I first saw Godzilla squirt blood on a movie screen. In fact, I am determined to say that is what got me into horror movies in the first place. just the whole shock of seeing Godzilla take actual damage for the first time as a kid does make you wonder how the kids reacted when this movie first came out. surely they were just as surprised as I was seeing all this unfold before your very eyes.

while it is true in most cases that people believe kids would be traumatized by the sight of blood, with me, I never had that sort of problem. I think a lot of it has to do with the kids themselves when it comes to this sort of thing, I mean kids back then must have witnessed some of this going on. surely there are no problems there. Still, if you feel it doesn’t fit your style I say wait till the kids are in their teens before showing them the movie.


Well, we have reached another end to an amazing review from classic giant monsters. I hope everyone had a fantastic read with this review. Still have things I need to improve on here and there on this site, but rest assured it will happen. in the meanwhile, the links have been restored for your viewing pleasure, and thank you for your patience. I really do appreciate that. and I will see you guys on the next blog.

Godzilla vs Gigan

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