Godzilla vs Destroyah Review.

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This is where we get to the good part where I talk about a movie that had made me emotional when I was very little. (9 to be exact) 1995 marked the year where it all came to the end.

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History With It

Years ago I had watched some of my brother’s older movies that he decided he didn’t want to watch anymore.

I have to say that’s where I got my passion for watching giant monster movies in the Godzilla movies.

I eventually went and saw this movie and that’s what really struck a chord with me. Let me also say this be the reason why I love the music TOHO produces.

The Movie Itself

I’m going to start this like the way the movie starts. With the Iconic roar, we are so used to followed by an ocean view that awakens the thought of something is very wrong.

We see our main person in the story looking for an island from the last part of the series. (See Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla below.) It looks like the island is completely gone from the face of the sea.

We are then cut to the airport where an Australian airplane just makes a landing on Okinawa.
(This is where I have problems with the movie.)(The worst one was being the dubs were not the best.)

Godzilla Himself

I know what some of you are thinking. “But Vic we don’t know the gender of Godzilla so how can you describe it that way?” TOHO has always talked about Godzilla in that way throughout all the movies so why should I stop now? “As” looks go we see Godzilla in an over-charged mode which makes the monster has a look that brings out the fact Godzilla is scary.

We see red eyes and a really overcharged fire breath that lays waste to the land of Okinawa.

(I like how they showed the fact that we are seeing the most powerful version to hit the big screen and showing just the normal Godzilla thing. Jumped up to eleven.) We see how Godzilla walks around as the city is burning and it was so sudden that the military ( G-force didn’t have time to react.) This was a very not normal thing even for Godzilla as we all know that Godzilla comes to shore to feed on nuclear radiation usually.

The Huge Build Up

We soon see that members of G force are getting desperate at the situation and think up some answers to solve this problem.

They make the hypothesis that if the temperature in Godzilla’s body keeps rising he will blow up and destroy the planet.

“So as”the arguments begin someone says that they could use a weapon that killed the first Godzilla.

That’s when we get into a nightmare that shows how the first one died.

We then go to a scientist who has recently made a new type of thing that has great benefits including growing the size of goldfish to an amazing size that could solve the food problem for the entire world.

As he talks with a news reporter that grills him on the fact it could also be used as a weapon since the molecules that hit a surface can go through any metal.

After we see more of the reporter we jump back to a scene where our main character who is very discouraged that she can’t seem to find the “little one” (again part of the series.)

We then see someone new enter the picture that gives us more thoughts on Godzilla and the best way to handle the monster.

A New Find

Eventually, our main character gets a call to a beach where a bunch of people spots a Godzilla like creature swimming along the coastline. We then learn that the “little one” is fully grown and looks like to Godzilla.

But as that is happening we see that the scientist that was working on micro oxygen discovers that the dirt where the first Godzilla was killed had living things even though the oxygen is completely gone from the dirt.

And we are then shown a scene where an aquarium shot is made and a security guard walks the hall eyeing the fish among the glass.

We hear a noise that draws the attention of the guard himself. (not telling you the jump- scare.) after that happened the scientist received the video and studying it to show a new animal changing at a fast rate.

We Meet Destroyah

Now, this is the part where we are introduced to a very new monster with a sequence that looks very familiar to a certain ‘movies some’ of you nerds know very well. (Aliens)

We see the crablike monsters take down the special forces with ease.

The reporter from earlier had entered the scene and was just reporting on the outside as one of the monsters come rushing outside to meet the new meat.

The reporter tries to escape with her life through a sequence of events that give a horror vibe with the monster ripping a car to pieces to get at the reporter.

Luckily she is saved and the monster is destroyed by the second wave of that melts the beast to a puddle.

A New Climax

As the story progresses we then meet back up with our Godzilla heading for a nuclear plant ready to feed. G force thinks that with the rise in radioactivity in his body is in need of being controlled and feeding it is his best chance. The G- force unit wonders what to do about this when the answer comes from the newest weapon that will save everyone.

Super X 3, the newest and greatest thing against Godzilla. They did stop Godzilla for a time. But now they have to deal with the new set of monsters over at a tunnel.

All seems well until they find out that the monsters come together to make the most awesome looking and powerful Godzilla ever fought. (In my “humble” opinion.) And let me tell you this be the monster that I know is Godzilla’s worst enemy to date.


A Sad Ending:”(

Now the g force had come to the conclusion that Destroyah is the best chance at killing Godzilla they need to figure out the way to get them to fight each other.one of the members from the main person says that the “little one should bring Godzilla to that other monster. I won’t spoil the movie but(I have to say this is where I have to give my two cents on this scene and only one-word dis cribs what is about to come for the ending. Sad:(.)


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