Godzilla vs Clover

Well, this is another VS that was meant to be with Godzilla fighting another titan of terror in the creature known as Clover. With a populated location at risk and the military seemingly out of options, Who will win this massive fight to the death as the devastation is raged.( You get all of that?) Buildings are going to be poofed outta here and lots of new things about these monsters are going to be mentioned in this.) Yadda yadda yadda I am an Amazon affiliate and you know who took these pictures here.

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The King of the monsters

Well, you guys do know a lot about the king of the monsters here.(Just for reference when I talk about Godzilla in this vs, I am going for his total power overall compared to just the movies he was shown.)But you guys pretty much know the full extent of his powers, including my earlier reviews/vs on here. But I am going to throw in some interesting facts as well you. Let’s start with a basic, Some of you might not have known. In the fandom, you will hear the name, Gojira spoken about in reference to Godzilla. That was the original Japanese name for the creature. It was a wordplay combining gorilla and whale. I always thought that was an interesting way to describe what Godzilla is. As an allegory for the atomic bomb, Godzilla has a pretty dark theme to it as well as a deep message that awakens the meaning of what we are as humans

I could go on and on with some more on Godzilla’s abilities but we would be here all day if that was the case. To sum this section up I believe I will let you guys decide for yourselves on the subject.

Just a baby

You read this part right, the creature from Cloverfield is just a baby, that is at least according to the director of the movie JJ Abrams. But regardless, let’s talk about the abilities of the said creature. Based on what is seen, We can tell the monster has tough skin as it is able to take tank shots as though it was nothing. The monster also seems to be able to withstand heat from other things. Like explosions for example. Not only that, but The creature also seems to carry offspring on its body as it drops the little buggers off in a later scene of the movie.

I like to think of this creature as a natural creature from deep in the ocean that wasn’t explored. But It is a bit of an unknown at this point of the vs so I will say if anything new comes up I will let you know. Other than that, I will say this creature does have the potential to being aligned with those legendary greats similar to King Kong and Godzilla. Both are very iconic.

Where the fight takes place

The biggest thing with this fight is going to be how to play something out in this. I am thinking this fight should be considered in a place that is very populated.(WHY? A lot of it has to do with me seeing this as an awesome movie fight this can be if you get the right people to direct/star in the movie.)(Nicolas Cage for Kong vs Godzilla anyone?)But I am thinking this fight should be in a high populated area mainly because it gives us some insight as to what happens when both are attacked by the military at the same time. I think things will be interesting once everything is said and done. This is going to be one for the ages. Let’s go and put it in New York City because all the good monster movies seem to effect new York in some way (with a couple of exceptions).

Who dies

This one isn’t so tough as we have a good idea of what I find in this. But this is still one of those matters of opinion here that you guys can be involved with. All that you would have to do is check the links down below with the two competing movies, pick the one that is most interesting, And the winner with the most buys will be announced in the next vs blog for the month. Now without farther interruptions, I present the winner of this fight being Godzilla King of the monsters! For the thousands attended watching this blog let me give you a full explanation as to why. Godzilla has been through a lot in his tenure in the film industry. We saw him flay(Or you will in a review some time in the future.)Godzilla is the allegory for atomic weapons and still has the meaning playing out on constant bases, That should be telling on how much emotional drive this monster brings to the table. So you can tell that this monster is a legend in its own right. While the outcome was predictable I am still one who is very open if there is something to talk about with this fight.


Well, we reached the end of another blog post for this week looking into more of these mighty creatures and seeing which one wins the fight As per usual the links will be down below to see who is the winner by the end of the next month. I will see you guys on the next blog.

Godzilla 1956 release 1998

Cloverfield Prime only

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