Godzilla vs Biollante

Good afternoon / where ever time zone you guys are from. his is another review from classic giant monsters. This is an exciting era of film for me, as I’ve always been a fan. I gave you guys many reasons why I loved this era in the previous blog. So now You guys can see for yourselves as to why I love these movies with the one that helped introduce me to these movies. I can’t wait to show you guys why I love these movies. So sit back and relax as we explore an explosive start to these movies with Godzilla vs Biollante this week’s pictures are brought to you by the people listed down below and I’m an amazon affiliate.


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As we focus in on this movie, I would like to take a moment to clarify what are topics I will be discussing here. The website is constantly improving with new concepts and features never dove into until now. With that out of the way, I like to talk about my overall thoughts on the story at large while keeping this spoiler-free. I liked the fact they put more focus on the ambiance of the movie. The darker tones set by the movie give the viewer a feeling of dread as darkness dominates the screen. Let’s not forget the spy era of films is still alive with this installment of movies. A secret that could change the entire world o the inevitable threat of a return of Godzilla makes for suspense never before seen with these movies.

I can’t praise this enough from the movie, But just the overall atmosphere is what makes this movie so viable as a classic. The brilliant use of lighting and the creative engineering team at TOHO really did a great job with the special creature effects on both monsters. Biolantee’s design is just out of this world in terms of how well versed the effects were for something so massive onset.

Sabina Bajracharya


This is an interesting concept of film as this marks the first Godzilla “Clone” to ever make its debut in the Godzilla series. The interesting thing that stood out for me as a kid is just the different amalgamations the creature presented. from a crocodile to a rose, Biollante seems to be creature kids would make up to explain the night terrors they have, in all honesty, I can’t say I blame them. The creature effects were very well made for its time and fit the overall atmosphere the creature is presented in.

While the first form of the creature isn’t what one would call, “Intimidating” it is still a chilling creature considering the basics of how the creature took up such a form. But to get into something like that would spoil what I would consider one of the defining attributes this movie worked itself towards. All I will say is that this movie gave us a lot of symbolism that’s is unmatched by many people out there who ever directed these kinds of movies. while the musical score is somewhat less impressive than the usual score, It has its moments that help shape what’s to come with the movie’s plot.



There have been many different incarnations of the monster named Godzilla. But out of all the movies that existed This is a movie that helped define how I see these movies. The creature loses its goofy feel from the first movie and is more “streamlined” to a realistic tone. The scales are neatly packed together making the creature have a living appearance. The head does look a little bit odd for the body it’s attached to a small head. While it is fairly odd, to me it just felt normal. Outside of that, the animatronic head seems streamed lined to the body of the creature, blending it all together as a whole.

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final thoughts on the film are filled with nostalgia that seems so endless to me. The ambient colors are filling the dark world of what we call Godzilla. Between that and how all the characters around react to the scene after scene was really well done for what they were trying to go for. That must be the reason why this movie grew on me, There was always something going on with every scene around. And yeah, I did get carried away with the special effects of the movie. But one thing is undeniable when it comes to this movie. It’s a very underrated classic, It’s a well-played-out movie with endearing characters and a well-versed movie set that plays itself as a great experience for any movie-goer.


Well, here we are with another end to a fantastic era of Godzilla movies. Its one of my absolute favorite eras of movies because of a variety of reasons, From the awesome special effects that worked well with scenes To the story being played out felt as though you were right there with the characters scene for scene. Just a whole multitude of reasons that I could keep going on and on for. But I’ll just summarize this in one sentence. I recommend anyone getting into these types of movies to have a go at this era of film.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog and Ill see you guys on the next one.

Godzilla vs Biollante

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