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To start out this content I would like to try something different on the website than what usually happens here. Most of the time, I would work out a movie review and talk about the movie. But this go around, I also decide to take a perspective from another person who has seen the film in her own right. But as mentioned before all pictures will be shown with where it came from and links will be provided down below. All pictures were provided by TOHO pictures.

what makes the movie

This is basically where I talk about the story a little differently than what I usually do. This time, I will just give my two cents on the movie without talking about the plot of the film. (It is just something I should try.) I will keep saying that in my humble opinion while this is a Godzilla film, this seems to take a standard approach to its film and just goes with the flow.

I get that sometimes it is the best approach when it comes to film as it is, But the thing that always makes a movie for generations is when it strives to break new ground. to try and be better.


In this part, I will be showing you an interview with someone I know very well that volunteered to speak their mind on the said subject.

Vic: so what are your thoughts on the movie Tokyo SOS.


I really enjoy watching SOS cuz of the new design of MG is so like the blog said I agree is so futuristic. I also enjoy the cameo from mothra and twins.

The fights between G & M were good and two rounds of MG vs G were very good. I give it a 7/10 only because…

1. For 1 hr & 25 minutes, 20 minutes of the film to much on the humans of comm sense is a rampage lizard on top of you knowing they using a deadly weapon that’s built on top of corpse of more aggressive lizard from 1954

Yes some will go wrong.

2. At the end of the credits what was the oxygen destroyer was shown for?Thinking face

As you can see here, we have another fan of the series giving off the important questions when it comes to these types of movies. When seeing how much passion goes for the fans of such movies it really shows with such diverse questions. It also reminds us why these movies captivate the world over. whether a positive or a negative way. It just goes to show the layers of deph these interactions can be when reviewing specific types of movies, That is the main reason why I held the position to never bad mouth a movie because I dislike how it worked or who directed the said movie. That is why I look at these types of comments that make me smile inside. It just makes the world a bigger place when you notice how well in-depth the conversation can be if they put their mind to it.


The special effects

Like the usual from TOHO, the special effects are top tier with how well-versed the movie plays this out, they also do amazing work on how creative the other effects are within this film. Just goes to prove how well-versed this company became despite the age of how long this company had been in business. I do feel the effects have shown how well improved it became from Godzilla against mecha Godzilla.

My final thoughts

all in all, while this is an enjoyable movie, there are growing problems with the said movie that can take a person out of the movie if they have been following the movie’s lore from the start of its inception. then again, you have the same problem when you look into Godzilla vs megagerius since the overall plot makes out that Godzilla is the original Godzilla that never died in 1954. Just seems like they were trying to do something different only to be afraid and stick to what made a Godzilla movie a Godzilla movie. it is a real shame they didn’t try to make something out of this idea, but it is understandable. Even now, you don’t see many movie studios want to challenge what they done in the past to change up the style of film for the future.


Well, another end to a blog for this week as we continue on our journey. I am thankful for everything that involves you guys checking out my content. I always appreciate people who take their time to check out what I have available on this site. It is amazing watching the numbers grow with my website views. It is just such a good feeling having people watch my content despite my errors on here. I do plan on improving my site to the point of being easier to get to the content you guys love.


Godzilla Tokyo SOS(Prime only)


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