Godzilla raids again

With another classic that was on the list, we come to a direct sequel to the infamous movie that would later be defined by the era of the fandom that withstands the test of time with multiple eras of movies out there. Just goes to show how amazing this series is for lasting for so long. So let’s dive into another TOHO classic of Godzilla raids again. Just a friendly reminder for those who are new, I am an amazon affiliate and all pictures belong to respected owners listed with TOHO being the dominant one.

The story

Okay, so you got two main characters on a quest to search for tuna for the local cannery in Osaka. one of the planes controls malfunctions and they are forced to land near an island that is later realized as inhabiting two fighting monsters. One of which involves Godzilla and a new monster seen for the first time. eventually, it would end with the two falling into the ocean.

When they manage to return home they take their story to a doctor in question who encountered Godzilla before in the first movie. The doctor mentions that both creatures were most likely reanimated with the effects of the hydrogen bomb. eventually, the fight takes to Osaka with Godzilla first arriving despite the measures the Japanese government takes. But luck seemed to be on the government’s side as they lure almost out into the ocean only for them to be hit with a dose of hard-hitting reality.

Anguris the new monster

Now we are at a point where we talk about One of the other monsters within this feature film, Anguris, The monster of the prehistoric era related to the ankylosaurus. Armored up and no place to go, this beast of burden comes swimming in with a vengeance Being a mortal enemy of Godzilla is not easy, But this beast gets the job done with some amazing fights that leave you with some shock and awe.

The only thing I will comment on with the character model doesn’t look dinosaurlike in its own way. Most of that has to do with that combination of herbivore and carnivore traits, The frill and the sharp teeth are primary examples of unrealistic points that stick out, (Especially for those paleo nuts out there.)(Don’t lie. I know there are a few that read my content.)

The cons of this movie

Now, this is the biggest thing I have seen within the fandom/community(We will just call it a community since it does isolate things on a narrower level. But some of those people might even declare this movie as the “Worst film in the Godzilla series” While I will say this movie did have its cons, I don’t believe this was the worst film the series has ever done.

Let me explain: Let’s look at the time period of this film, this was the first time a massive fight was shown on screen as the main focus of a TOHO film, Sure the fight itself wasn’t the main focus of the film and it did have moments where the film was all over the place. But at that time. It seemed like it was trying all sorts of new things with no real direction to go off of. I imagine there were a lot of things yet to be explored with this one.

The positives

Well with that out of the way, let’s talk about the pros of this movie since I always like getting negatives out of the way fast sometimes. But let’s go over the positives of this movie. As you are well aware, this is the first full feature film that revolved around a major fight between monsters in a movie format.

Not to mention just how well set up the miniature effects were made during this time. But then again, that is a lot of what you would expect from TOHO Another thing I did like on this one is how well-rounded the two main characters were. They were well-rounded as not being too humorous and yet having some chuckle-worthy moments.

The other positive about this one I will say is how well the story flows despite the randomness within for plot contrivance. I think a lot of it had to do with the unknown of how to place a plot with something so new, I do want to give credit where credit is due. At the end of the day, they did well for something that was an experiment, At least the plus about this is how well everyone involved seems to work out within the story.


Well, we have come to another ending of the story that would have the first fighting concept between two monsters for the first time. It broke a lot of ground in the type of content we see from TOHO in the foreseeable future. Just adding more classics from here on out, though this movie had its faults I can’t help but wonder what would happen when this movie wouldn’t have existed in the style of movies we know of today.

Godzilla raids again (DVD only)

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