Godzilla final wars

Here we go with the final Godzilla movie of the millennium era, It’s been a fun ride, for the most part, there are ups and downs to the era, and heck we even got to hear some more from another perspective besides me for once. But all good things must come to an end. Luckily for us, this go-around comes with a big bang as all the kaiju/giant monsters from the TOHO universe join the fun in this final bang to end the millennium era. pictures were taken by TOHO pictures/

The story

The story starts with a moment where a ship called the Gotango makes contact with Godzilla eventually stopping the creature by encasing it in ice. later on, we get a montage of recent developments within the said universe. (Just to point this out)(But, there is no real way to determine what is canon in the universe or even if it continues with what was seen so far.)

The montage is filled with scenes of previous films from the entire series showcasing the amazing moments captured in previous movies. We end up getting a final shot where we see the current Godzilla encased in the ice and the screen slowly blackens,

Later on, we manage to get a shot of our two main characters fighting in a combat arena. It is played out in a karate movie style with the combat eventually ending with the master leader giving orders to the two to stand down. This is where we see the two characters are complete opposites of each other despite the fact they share the same blood with the M base.

One of the characters who was almost killed ends up on an assignment for scientists studying a fossil of the creature not from earth. Later on, with a little bit of unimportant bickering here and there, We manage to find that the fossil turns out to be Gigan. Of course, the main focal point that is brought up with our main character is the fact the monster carries the same DNA base called M, This is later a concern by the twin mothra priestess who sends a message to the scientist foretelling of something that would affect the earth.


This would later promo massive randomized destruction by the different monsters from around the world. The mass destruction prompts the M organization to be called to defeat the monsters resulting in a sudden appearance from aliens capturing the monster “Pretending that they killed off the monsters.

The idea

Imagine if you will, a massive battle royal of your favorite characters under one movie. If you saw a battle royal or know of someone who knows about it, there is no doubt that the idea of a massive all-out brawl is amazing to think about. Having all these monsters in one area fighting to the death with humans just increases the value of the said movie for sheer nostalgia reasons.

Just all sorts of fun with TOHO with this movie. But I will say this though as far as getting the story out of the said movie, as mentioned above, This movie’s story is slightly lessened considering the source of the said movie. I will say while the plot itself is a story that draws an audience in, I think it moves away too fast a pace for anyone to enjoy entirely.

My cons of the story

I do understand a lot of people here are fans of this movie for its nostalgia value. Just seeing all those monsters being taken down all at once in one movie drives the king of the monster’s factor home. But I do have some gripes with this I do want to address here without sounding too repetitive, So let’s get started.

First things first, this had been a consistent problem I have seen in the millennium movies. There is no consistency within the series. there is just not much going on, You have the timeline messing up with the original canon of the Godzilla movie. that being the original dies, and the next movie branches off with another Godzilla.

what this means

I think for the last part of this blog, I think I should be talking about what defines a community of kaiju fans. There have been times when I would look at things that are posted on Twitter and notice how these other platformers seem to have some sort of focus on everything monster-related and not the human aspect of the movies.

In all honesty, that’s just part of how the community is as a whole, Granted some start seeing kaiju at a very young age(Myself included) But my thoughts on that type of aspect when I look into the said movies makes me realize how important that human aspect is when it is all it all boils down to it.

Many movies are at a point where the human aspect has to be involved as an integral plot of the said movie. A lot of times, You get a human doing some exploring for (Insert reason here) discovers something hidden, monster arrives, destruction ensues.

All in all, A lot of what a person gets interested in this type of content depends on how the environment is around them. and part of what makes this niche fandom/content so vast is just the plethora of different voices and lifestyles out there. It just goes to show how welcoming such a fandom/community can be.


Well, another blog comes to an end today. And needless to say, so do the era of the film we have covered here. As usual, I am thankful for you guys viewing my content here. It still amazes me at what was accomplished here and what continues as a result, as more and more of you view my content, I am still planning on hosting some live streams on here in the future. I might even start repeating this as a reminder. One thing I will say is I will mention the blog on the live stream from time to time but will not be so focused on it during the streaming, I will make sure to post it on a different type of post on this website, however. I don’t think you will be able to find the live stream in a normal way since I will be just starting, But I will let you guys know on here.

Godzilla final wars(Prime only)

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