Godzilla against Mechagodzilla

We are back to viewing movies this week. And this go-around we get to talk about a legend that has been the mortal enemy from the Showa series to the Heisi and now in this millennium. Now This is going to get exciting as this new mecha design is one of my favorites in the entire movie series as a whole. But enough about talking that to death, let’s get into the blog with the following people with pictures

The story

our main character of this story had a big faceoff with the second Godzilla after the original one was killed. When they have an encounter with Godzilla, a poor mistake leaves their rank stripped from being a Lieutenant. Little did They know, a group of scientists began work on a project that created the mecha Godzilla after finding the bones of the original Godzilla.

eventually, our main character gets recruited into piolet this new mecha to enact revenge on the nemesis that is Godzilla.

But there is infighting from previous mistakes between piolets. This leads to disorder with hof command aircraft, and Absolute Zero Cannon are shown. Simultaneously, Godzilla returns, and Kiryu is launched into battle. In the midst of this, however, Godzilla’s roar causes Kiryu to experience memories of the original Godzilla’s death and destroy the city while Godzilla retreats. The horrified Kiryu Squadron is powerless to stop the rampaging cyborg until it runs out of energy and is brought back to headquarters for repairs.

So you can tell this is one mission that seems to be way over people’s heads.

Later, Godzilla attacks again. Once the repairs are completed, Kiryu is deployed and confronts Godzilla once more. Kiryu gains the upper hand, but as it prepares the Absolute Zero Cannon, Godzilla fires its atomic breath, knocking the cyborg away and diverting the blast. With Kiryu disabled and the remote piloting system is taken off-line,


Special effects

The special effects of this movie show how well done the style of effects is with this movie, from the miniatures to the live-action of the creature feature You can tell this is a TOHO movie based on how well done the special effects/creature effects are made.

I have always been a fan of the miniatures they show off in every movie scene, whether it is kaiju/giant monster action or just a simple over-hanging shot, there is no denying there was hard work put into these models.



Kiryu the new mecha


Well now let’s talk about how interesting Kiryu looks like the new mecha Godzilla in this movie, Kiryu is Japanese for metal dragon kind of a fitting name for such a character we see here.

I like the futuristic style of content Kiryu brings to the table, The mecha does have all the combat weapons you would expect for something meant to take on a three hundred-foot dinosaur monster. The part I do find interesting is the fact they decided to incorporate some cannon to the series with the original Godzilla movie. I will not speak about what it is as I feel it would spoil the film.


But all in all, the new incarnation has shown to be amazing with those upgrades never before seen. For example, the chest cannon used as an ultimate weapon is very effective from the beginning. We see this a few times in a scene showing it knocking Godzilla out of commission.


Updates for the site

Just to remind you guys for everyone here, I am going to see about updating this site once I reach 100 blog posts on here. The update will mostly situate the blogs in different categories so that it is easier to look back on different blogs for each go around on here. Plus it will be easier to work with for the links that might not be working on here (Trust me I make plenty of mistakes here and there.)But this plus over here will be easier access to previous blogs and easier to keep track of links for your guys to check out in case you want something from a past blog but are not wanting to have to go through the process of finding it.


It has been on my mind for a while and we have concluded I think fits how I want the website to continue with presenting blog posts of these amazing movies that defined a time when the danger of the world was on the doorstep. Still amazes me just how much that culture changed over the years. How at one point in time, the world was once at the doorstep of destruction from a single push of a button. Then we look at the scary after-effects of nuclear war and realize the horror that everything involves in that future style of war.


It is one of the small reasons why I got into watching these types of movies, just the sheer fact of something larger than life that is nigh unstoppable gives more of a reason to watch these types of movies. There is a certain excitement that comes out of the movie fixed on this plotline, just look at how well King Kong was received and well beyond. There is something about that type of adventure that makes any movie of this caliber seemingly grow. It is hard to describe to someone who might have just got into a weird fandom like this, But Think of it this way, the more you watch a movie that isn’t in the mainstream, the more you realize just how well planned the hidden message is within the movie.




Well, this is that part of the blog where we have some links down below. Thank you guys again for checking out this type of content I make here. I know there are times when I am not perfect as far as making sure my links work on here or making content on time, yet despite my shortcomings, you guys have stuck by the content I make and continue with this support. Two hundred new views are insane to me and that number continues to grow. As per usual, the links are down below and I will see you guys in the next blog.



Godzilla against MechaGodzilla

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