Godzilla 2014 movie review

I finally manage to get my lazy butt back into writing again. Could you imagine that? Anyways, I’m back in the flash to deliver a classic movie that should have been entered into the vault earlier this year. But as fate would have it, I never got around to reviewing this movie for some odd reason. But ow that I am here, I am going to finally present to you guys the movie long in the making with Godzilla 2014!!!!!!

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The Story

There is not much to say about the story, I was as though they were trying to use multiple thoughts and ideas, placing a lot of emphasis on the environment around the characters vs the actual interactions. I am not one to bash a form of art when it comes to this kind of style, But I feel there was purposeful misdirection for the sake of the story vs the actual story.

Sure it follows the standard monster troupe with not revealing the monster and focusing on building tension, But The biggest problem with that particular trope is that you have to time the reveal almost perfectly. If you show off the monster too early, You manage to create an uneventful movie no one will remember well, whereas you take too long to reveal the monster, you lose the audience’s attention thus creating the same reaction.

To give a brief plot synopsis I think the movie relies too much on its comics for its selling point. example being an unknown organization is immediately revealed at the opening of the movie, Those, the movie plays out to project that we should already know what the organization is based on the camera angles. Though for a person who might have owned the comics, they might have a good idea. But for the casual movie fan, it hurt the potential lore building that the movie could have produced in the opening. Just a bad introducing start to the movie.



Character interactions

typically I don’t dive too deep into this kind of subject as all forms of artwork are subjective. But this concept, in particular, does raise a few questions on my part involving the movie.

this had to do with the certain decision that was made with the pacing of the movie as a whole. typically, Godzilla movies are the type of movies where the monster is the background and the characters make up the story itself. This is where the movie seems ambiguous in the direction of where the story pacing will take us. from an emotional scene about a father returning home from active duty in the army to a father seemingly trying to come to terms with a tragic past, the movie takes multiple approaches to the movie all at once.

Godzilla design choice

Well, one thing to say about this Godzilla design versus all the other versions out there. This one is a bit, “Chunky” I know what your thinking, “Did you just call Godzilla fat?!” The answer, Yes. I just called Godzilla fat. Just overall the sheer design was set up to look extremely bulky. I think what they were trying to go for is something that fits in with the sheer bulkiness of a possible living creature, “Aka, realism”

I’m not usually a fan of this kind of concept since it is a very similar concept to what Godzilla 1998 tried to incorporate with its movie. But I think a lot has to do with the aftermath of the story vs the actual design itself. That being the end game of the movie being so uneventful. But as far as this movie goes, it does the character justice as being the force of nature that we can all appreciate coming from a different studio other than TOHO for content. I still have a bit of grip here and there, “like animalizing the character” But at the end of the day, what it boils down to is generations, I grew up with TOHO’s Heisei movies that included the most graphic depictions of the monster ever before seen on screen.

Content updates

I’ve been doing a little soul searching online while I had my pause from writing and came across some interesting ideas to help expand my youtube and live streaming success. Mostly experimenting with new ideas to help grow me as a person while trying to be the best version of myself out there.

Between that and showing off the passion I have for these movies. I feel my idea might be the deciding factor that continues the movies I love for the next generation of moviegoers. I had always imagined that one day, some of my favorite movies will have viewers 100 years into the future with the help of my website and showing off the content that’s out there.

There will be some upgrades needed though before we can reach too far into this kind of content. But I’m very hopeful that once we have a few upgrades here and there, We are going to continue dominating the world of Giant monster movies. Anyways, this is kind of an updated piece to explain some of my absence on here without producing newer content here and there.

Though there will be still a few times where I am going to be just doing a few edits,(Yeah, Godzilla has a long history of movies that continue to grow,)I will eventually get back to our regularly scheduled program.


Well after a long-drawn-out edit to the site once again, we are finally back, though to be fair, not in the full swing of things considering. But I’m very hopeful that the future of this site will remain strong because of visitors like you. To sum up what I’m trying to say is, I appreciate those who come over to visit when I am here. I love the viewership you guys provide for me every time I enter this website. It’s always good to feel this type of attention feels good. So much so that classic giant monsters also carry with them on youtube.

Godzilla 2014

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