Godzilla 2000

Do you remember that one year where all computers were going to shut down and send humanity back to the stone age? Well, thankfully, that never happened and now we are here in 2021. (Me being optimistic over here.) But we are into another TOHO classic with this one as we face another Godzilla movie from that year where we thought the world would “End” with Godzilla 2000. As per usual, I am an amazon affiliate and the pictures here were taken by, A friend of Godzilla Rock

and drawings were made by

Godzilla design

The thing that always stuck out for me even seeing this movie on VHS has always been Godzilla’s new design. Just seeing how far they went with this new design makes the movie take a new life of its own. You know for the first glance at the movie, this is going to be something new. Just the thickness of Godzilla’s neck just was just spectacular with the realism they were trying to go for with this new incarnation.

Not to mention, The sheer fear factor that comes out of the creature’s design. Not to mention the concept of another Godzilla creature appearing in the form of ORGA really shows off the new design as less dinosaurlike and more of a totally new creature that defines what Godzilla is. There is just so much going for the character with this design. I think it is a nice change to a recognizable character that has been a staple of kaiju(giant monsters) film.

Story play through

Right out of the gate, We get a scene where we first see a Godzilla research team looking for the signs of Godzilla within the area. The team consists of a daughter/father team along with a news reporter trying to get pictures of Godzilla in a better position. needless to say, a lighthouse along with a boat ends up becoming the first two victims of the new Godzilla we see on screen for the first time doing a slight call back to the eye scene in Godzilla 1998 with the eye-opening wider.

The team ends up intercepting Godzilla as it is tearing apart a hillside with unrelenting intent from the camera shots from the reported who flashes pictures in a panic causing the creature to chase after the group in a scene almost similar to a Disney land ride with how much was put into that one scene.

We later get to see the later scene as the Godzilla scene is going on where we meet a team of scientists exploring the ocean to find a large object laying on top of the ocean volcanos found on the surface. So the scientists decide to try and take this thing to the surface only to awaken something within the rock. And thus that is when the rock comes to life and flies off in the direction of where Godzilla recently submerged after we see the rock seemingly looking for something.

After the latest attack from Godzilla(The reason why is explained later within the film by the research scientist following Godzilla), The military tries to form a plan to attack Godzilla with a new superweapon design to penetrate any solid form. The interesting thing about this new weapon is that it managed to penetrate through our poor radioactive beast.

But low and behold we reached the point where that flying rock finds Godzilla and starts its assault on the creature. This impresses the military along with the scientist involved. The research scientist decides to look over the footprints of Godzilla to find the skin cell pieces from the said creature.

the structure

I like how well versed the miniature structures were set up in this movie. They really went all out on the style to make them as realistic as possible. Not to mention the destruction scenes involving the miniatures are spot on with the scenes as a whole. ( I assume you thought I was talking about how I liked how the story was made hu? Well that is saved for the story that I assumed you guys might have read above.)

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on this movie are worth a shot to watch. there are many reasons to watch, But I rather let the movie speak for itself, whether it is from the sheer special effects or even the characters with personality involving Godzilla, Or even the action feels like something new to try out. I am going to say this film does have its negatives that could affect how a person sees the film (The usual] dated symbolism, the character placement, and just dated terminology used within the film a few times here and there.) But regardless of all of that stuff, I still suggest you guys try this movie out to see what you think. That is the biggest part of my website after all. I like the reaction from people who I don’t give too much detail on a movie. It is sort of magical when it happens to a fan who wasn’t a fan of the series before because they never looked into it.


since another blog is knocked down for this week I thank you all for viewing this blog for the week. as usual, there will be links for the movie down below and I will see you on the next blog.

Godzilla 2000 (Blue-ray only)


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