Godzilla 1998 Review

Now we have come to a movie that is so controversial it changed the way TOHO did business with American companies for future films. As for my history with this film, Well as we go through our review we will see a lot of my impressions on this film.
Just a reminder pictures are taken by Cayambe Bjørn Christian Tørrissen(Javiertz)

The movie advertising

It’s interesting how they marketed this movie. For example. They had buses, semi-trailers, building signs, ice cream jugs, and many other things. this movie was just everywhere. I think however they went overboard with something just for money. I did like how they marketed the size of this monster by saying something along the lines of “The Tail is as long as this bus.” Just one of the many examples you find out there. Just so much was put into this movie that I think they forgot the important things a movie should have. (Just to be a little funny it might also explain why there are no timestamps in the movie.)(and also why some scenes replaced the actual names of the places with overly common phrases)

The monster itself

This design is one of the many things that bugged me about this movie. For one. I always thought that this monster that portrayed “Godzilla” looked a little too small to be very destructive. And the worst part is this one can’t even breath the trademark atomic breath. While the CGI effects for the time were alright I felt as though if they were willing to go as far as they did with all the action scenes they should have at least worked on the previous design they had before making this in theaters. (Yeah you heard me right there was a better design that looked a lot more like Godzilla than this one.) I was doing some research in making this post and I found out about it on google and I was fuming. I will see about finding pictures for the monster that is more like Godzilla and put them here for everyone to see.
But man oh man did I not care for this one’s origin story. I really disliked it for the fact that they made Godzilla into an oversized lizard rather than the abomination the first movie is.

The actors

Well, first things first let’s talk about the leads in the movie.

Mathew Broderick: While the acting is solid I felt as though the character was bumbling all over the place and just slightly there to seem like they are important while if this was a comedy I wouldn’t bring this up but we are talking about a movie that is based around a monster that was created by the horrors of the atomic bomb that made japan a living hell for sixty-five years and you went from that to a comedy skit?

Michael Lerner: Probably the only real good part about this movie is how he acted as the mayor of New York City. I like how he can turn from a business relaxed to a stressed-out psychopath in a matter of two seconds of seemingly screen time. I still have problems with making a Godzilla movie a comedy. But if anyone could make it work it is Michael.

Maria pitillo: I felt as though her acting in the movie could have tried to make her stand out a little more if she didn’t do the usual Disney trope”I’m a nice girl who does nothing wrong and I have a love interest in the main character in the movie)

I get a little sick of seeing that sort of trope all the time anymore. I am just waiting for one day Disney decides hey look maybe we should see about buying the full rights of Godzilla from TOHO and make remakes for ten thousand years so we can make so much money.

Why I don’t like this movie

I felt this movie portaged Godzilla as more of an animal than a force of nature is one of the many things I didn’t like about this movie. At that time I was still looking for another monster to watch in my five-year-old innocents when I came across this movie. I had my hopes up. I finally gain the chance as I got to watch this movie once and man did it disappoint me.
I also thought that the film tried to rip off a few scenes of the Jurassic Park series and I felt as though it was very unnecessary. And something else that bugged me was the fact they never have any sort of timestamp placed in the movie. Sure we get the city that never sleeps and the french polinisa but I have a quick question. Back in the day for anyone who lived through this train wreck, Did you guys know the names of the places in the film just by the nicknames? Just asking.

I think the director hates the military. Just look at all the scenes where the military tries to shoot Godzilla with their missals and they keep missing every time. Not only that he made the military seem incompetent when it came to fighting the monster and having all the scientists around. To me it makes everything seem like a huge plot hole with a mess of stupid. Yeah, I went there. As much as I would hate to admit it the monster itself clearly didn’t match the Godzilla we know and love. This one is so bad that on Godzilla the name was changed by TOHO Because of the screw up in making Godzilla more like an animal rather than a force of nature.


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