Godzilla 1985, the start of the heisi era in america

To start the blog, I want to recap to everyone what these reviews for the movies are about with Godzilla. With the movies spanning decades, We organize the movies based on the era each movie makes the showing in Japan. While our main focus is on the American side of these movies. There is a lot of movies that have mirrored the Japanese movies with a few alterations. I will not go over the differences between these movies since it has already been covered by a YouTuber. However, if you would comment down below if you want to know who YouTuber is, I will include the link down below directly to the channel, without further delay, let’s go over, Godzilla, 1985.

Deeper meaning

Most of the content I’ve made on this site revolves around my encounters with these movies as a child, though if I was being honest, I would be lying if I did say I didn’t still watch these movies. Godzilla 85 is one of those movies that I look back fondly and remember the new age of horror within. Just watching something that was shown to be larger than life was an awe-inspiring site as a kid, even now as I look back on this, I am still impressed with the suitmation of the movie as well as how well played out the animatronic head worked. From the expressions to the eye movement to the direction of travel, I feel it is what sets this movie apart from the standard monster movies.

And considering this is the first solo movie Godzilla made in thirty years from the previous movie, this no doubt is the movie that defined a new era of Godzilla

Returning to its roots

Sometimes, the simple choices we make can affect the world around us in amazing ways, This new solo Godzilla movie is no exception to this rule. You gain the sense of Godzilla being something to be feared more than some childhood hero. Even the classic roar has changed into an overdramatized continuing roar that sets the mood for what is to come. While I will admit, the overall design seems goofy on the outside. The oversharpened eyes, the weird nostril movements, and the seemingly human touch on some part of the monster. But I would be lying if I didn’t mention that this was an eerie experience for me as a kid. Here is little Vic, sitting glued to the tv as this lumbering giant tears through buildings as though it was paper. the military is attempting to contain such a situation from nuclear weapons to a new super x attack aircraft designed to withstand Godzilla,s attacks.

The special effects

Essentially far as special effects go, it would be criminal not to mention one of the key aspects that defined the era through the long spam into the ’90s. breakthrough special effects mastery coupled with animatronic technology helped make the Heisei era an era I will always look fondly back to as the era that defined monster movies. The animatronics effects are usually puppets that are being programmed by humans to control certain functions for specific tasks.

The eyes would squint, the nose would curl into an aggressive snarl, then Godzilla would give a mighty roar that sends chills down your spine, that is what that movie did for me growing up. Just amazed me how they went from just a “Guy in a rubber suit” to a guy piloting ahead in a rubber suit, While it isn’t far off from what was usually done, I feel this is what helped bring life to an already impressive monster in the form of Godzilla. This helped make Godzilla less child-friendly and more an actual monster. Still amazes me how far they went. sure the costume looked goofy still from the showa roots, but even the main presents of the monster bring new meaning to what defines Godzilla, From the impact tremors to the sheer overall scale of the monster with each camera shot makes every scene feel as though Godzilla was real in a way.


This also marks the start of one of my favorite eras in the movie series. The main reason why is that, in this series of movies, they put a lot of effort into these movies especially when it came to the special effects of these types of movies. Just the sheer spectacle of what is seen is awe-inspiring with how far they went. from the creature designs to the overall story they transcended to a whole new level of excitement and awe.

But that is enough about that. I hope you guys enjoyed this type of content I present to you guys as it is the most fun when seeing people reading my content. Though I still have a bit of poor grammar on my part, I am seeing about investing my work into something that will help this out in the future. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who came in to see my content and I hope to see you guys in the next blog.

Return of Godzilla (1984)

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