Gigan vs Gurion

Don’t play with knives. Because these two are cutting away the competition with this vs classic. We have Gurion, the knife-nosed creature from the Gamera series taking on the living buzzsaw from Godzilla, Gigan. Beware of the points. I got a feeling this is going to stab out what is next. (I think I’ll stop the puns, I’m starting to run out of knife jokes.) So I hope you enjoy this super classic from the classic giant monsters brand. Just another reminder, all pictures belong to their respected owners listed below their pictures and I am an amazon affiliate.

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This is going to be a little out of order since I wanted to try something new. More than likely though this will not happen again. But part of what I do is figure out what works and what doesn’t with each of these blog entries. So this one is no exception. Where these movies do take place in Japan, I think the next thing to focus on is a decent location where neither side would have an advantage over the other. Sort of what makes the verses series different from a lot of content that’s out there. So a simple solution for these monsters is to see about placing them in Hokkaido Japan.

The main reason why I place the fight in such a location is because of the vast amount of monster movies that have been placed there in recent memory. Gamera The guardian of the universe is one of the best examples of this. Being somewhat of a vast cultured background the island consists of many indigenous people and plenty of modernized cities of Japan. All around I find this to be the perfect place for both sides to be able to fight each other. really neither one has an ability advantage as far as the environment around them is concerned.

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We first start with the amazing buzzsaw we came to know as Gigan. possibly my favorite giant monster growing up, Gigan stood out to me as one of the most interesting monsters I’ve ever come across. With the underbelly of, a buzzsaw, this creature, while it does look somewhat ridiculous does have a certain level of fear brought with it. The moving blades, the eerie screeching roar that reminds kids of scraping metal all rolled into one massive monster make Gigan a creature to look at in awe. needless to say, the plus about this one but a negative for Gigan is this is no Godzilla.

These weaknesses include the fact it is not able to take control in a fight. since it is a cyborg from planet X.(That will be explained later as we work our way through the Godzilla movies. given this, a lot of this fight boils down to which character has the better leadership to take on the challenges.

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Gurion the space knife

We all remember this bundle of joy. You know, that monster that turned our other favorite big G into mincemeat Gamera? This one makes his way into the vs scene with massive aggression that turned a space Gyaos into a few slices of salami. between that and a hidden ability of shuriken hidden within his nose makes Gurion one of the most versatile monsters on the classic platform.

But just like Gigan, this creature only seems to follow commands from the aliens that happen to control the monster. this would make this another even match for the both of them as their brainpower is very limited to what their owners decide for them.

a winner

All good things must come to an end with this one as we end this with the winner of this classic showdown. The fight was a tough one to decide after considering the two-bladed monster. But at the end of it all, I believe Gigan would eventually come out on top as the winner. there are two main reasons why I think Gigan would be the winner of the fight. That is taking the size and the mobility of the two into consideration. And also with the advantage, Gigan has over Gurion with range there isn’t much the knife nose monster could do other than a direct attack. which between you and me, isn’t the best idea. Ask anguirus from Godzilla vs Gigan. It cuts deep.


Needless to say, we have reached the end of another vs for this week. I was pretty interested in this concept of a giant monster fight. so much so that I would love to set this up as a fan movie one day. Even if it is just for the giggles, I am sure everyone would get a kick out of it. So as per usual the links provided for the content is down below and I will see you guys on the next blog.

Update. I will not be able to produce a full vs moment here because of the movies having a spoiler or two for Gigan. But maybe, later on, we will look back at this and try to set something up for you guys to try out. Also, the votes on Twitter are going to be delayed until tomorrow due to the author being the author of this article. One more update, sorry for this being late today.

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