Classic Monsters Walk In Movie Theaters

Classic monsters that walk into theaters

New Movies And Recent Releases Put Into Thoughts

This is where I review some movies that were released and my thoughts and opinions on them as an avid viewer of some greats. One movie that came to my mind is the one TOHO Godzilla movie that was released in 2016 SHIN GODZILLA. ( all links are provided by amazon)

A premise that involves nuclear waste and carelessness of man that eventually turns a peaceful nation into chaos and mayhem. To not spoil it for you I will say if you liked the original 1954/1956 original of the series you might love this installment of Godzilla that holds to the original by and by.

Souk style

Another recent addition to the {MONSTERVERSE FROM LEGENDARY ENTERTAINMENT] Is Godzilla king of the monsters. A story that once again pits Godzilla against the monsters that threaten to bring nature into chaos. New and old monsters bring in more excitement than the previous installment of Legendarily’s lineup of great movies for even casual fans just getting into the series as a whole.

Now to talk about my little grips with this new installment. Just to forewarn viewers This might sound a little rant from your perspective but I’m going over my problems with the movie as simple as I can so anyone reads this can understand that everyone has grips but mine direct attention to how the movie was set up.

*For starters we have a new cast of characters, as well as old ones, who come into the fray like Dr. Ishiro Serizawa or Mark Russell and those are just some characters in the movie. But for an odd reason, some older cast that was in the previous movies seemed to think they need to reinvent themselves in the way they present the actions the character takes. Like the old removal of the glasses’ thing. Hasn’t that been dead since the ’80s?

*Plus sometimes a better action to bring the character’s point across can be just don’t do anything at all at least it humanizes the character and gives the audience something everyone can relate to. It maybe is all about timing but I would think years of practice of the arts of acting would help teach that.




Stories Of Great Book Ideas

This is going to be one of those posts where I talk about a concept about an idea to increase this site’s reach while bringing in some new faces that want to try to make new giant monsters that might one day show up in movie theaters around the world and show how incredible the talent can be. I also will talk about some talents that we see but don’t recognize in our everyday lives.

There are some sites out there that have some best talent just drawing or writing about monsters they may have created or just doing some touches on previous monsters from many movies.

Artists like a user from a site called Deviant art with the user name of Probroart95 are just some overlooked talent that you would never find unless you were actively looking for it. There are so many more out there that it would take a lifetime to find them all.

This one likes to use some g mods to make artwork
that forms when Probroart95 gets inspiration to work and creates many pieces of art that also involve a certain fandom that has a large cult following. {See Five Nights At Freddie’s for a reference on Deviant art.}

But as the title of this part of the post suggests this can be an opportunity for a writer to find something that appeals to them for a story that might come up or even find a story that could keep the reader interested.

Could New Monsters Rise Up?

A question I ask myself when dealing with new and newer generations of fans of these BEASTS FROM THE EAST. Or those who dwell below. Or even the flying battleships in the sky that reign fury down on the earth. Whatever the case this is an exciting year for all the moviegoers.

Like the title above I talk about the potential for new monsters from these creators and how they have the potential to make another memorable classic.





I will also talk about the movie studios behind some originals and the story behind them all. With everything going on it’s hard to find what qualify s as a memorable monster. We start with TOHO pictures. A company that has seen lots of ups and downs over the 87 years of existing on a major platform in Japan.

Probably the biggest thing that I always like about the company is the musical scores you would listen to from time to time that seems so captivating that you feel like some best composers from around the world in the past made the plays. While TOHO is best known for the Godzilla series they also have done other monster movies and partnered with other studios Like an infamous giant turtle we as fans came to know as

Gamera the guardian of the universe.

A series I might add that adds another classic to the world of monster movies. Now the Gamera series like the Godzilla series has had its own moment in the industry but I feel that when TOHO helped the company(Daiei Motion Picture Company) in the 90s make some best special effects in the movie’s trilogy along with an impressive musical score that still captivates even in 2019.

But one thing I know from all the years of watching these movies is that a lot of them had some form of connection with the audience and how they seemed to touch the very foundation of the human mind and give off emotion to you from the beginning to the end.

pictures of what I’m talking about.

So yeah I’m a really big fan of some of these movies and I might do a review on king kong in the future so stick around. all of the images were used on Wikimedia.

Places to find all your monsters needs

These will be links to stores that have everything you would want in your collection.

Shin Godzilla


King Kong(prime only)


Gammera the invincible(DVD only)

End Game

How should I conclude this article you ask yourself as you read up the last pieces of writing material? Well, all I can say for this last article is that for all those who liked this article go ahead comment on this and tell me what you think of some of these deals.

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