Giant Monsters Are Alive!

Are there real monsters out there? Read to find out. Plus a little fun wouldn’t hurt.


Giant Animals To Monsters

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Often when watching monster movies we get the sense that maybe there is a little bit of truth in these movies.

What if I was to tell you that there are giants that roam around in our world even today? Though on land the mass is not a hundred feet in size some of these can earth even cars as a whole.

bears, rhinos, komodo dragons crocodiles and so much more.

Rohit Naniwadekar



Take the saltwater crocodile for example with massive jaws that are strong enough to make 3,700 pounds of psi of bite force.

To put into perspective. If you take a good steak to what every you eat a regular human being only puts out 200psi of bite force when eating something.

The saltwater crocodile has an average size of 17 feet or 5.2 meters and 21 tons or 1,900kilo grams.

Not a full-size giant monster though. There is still a potential of a creature to reach a very large size if given the right environment like maybe getting more food.

Or maybe it gets more space to grow with little to no competition from other animals in the space.

The thing is, This all has to happen when they are

young. and like us, they do have limitations.


Michael Mwakalundwa



Another creature to consider when dealing with large animals that have monster potential is the elephant. Gentle it maybe but when it is scared or angry at something (especially in the bulls) lookout!

The size of an average African bull is 4 meters in height and 7 tonnes in weight. Very impressive I might add. What else is impressive is the average speed of the elephant being up to 40mph or 64km.


Dezidor owns the picture work above on Wikimedia

The language is not in English though if you do decide to visit the page but the image is his he posted on wiki media.


Another animal to talk about is another reptile favorite of mine is the great Komodo Dragon. Though not really a dragon It is a very large creature with an estimated average size of 154 pounds or 70 kilograms in weight and 6 feet or 0.3 meters in length.

Fun fact: even without a mate a female can produce 15 to 30 eggs

by themselves.



Olga Ernst owns this picture on the same site as above

Now we go from the land to the sea where even bigger creatures live.

The massive great white shark comes to mind when it comes to scary creatures of the sea. With a weight of 5,000 pounds(2250kilograms) and a length of 15 feet(4.5 meters), it’s no surprise that the size is so large compared with what was above for the context.

The reason why this one, in particular, struck me as interesting was a certain movie that I might post a link for later if this gets bigger for content. Jaws. The first time I had seen that movie and seen a scene where the main characters are looking around for leads when they come across a boat that almost looks torn to pieces. I was really shocked at that jumpscare on that scene that I won’t spoil for everyone here.

Let’s talk about the creatures from the past for a moment and see just how they helped inspire the famous monsters we know today on this site.


Like a large dinosaur from the past called Titanosaur which could reach the size of 40feet and weigh 13 tons.

Though it was a very recent discovery (2014) It reminds me of a monster from the Godzilla series in the Showa era called Titanosaurus. One of the very last monsters in the series Godzilla until the remake of 1984-85 though not exactly what some might suspect from the movies. The real-life counterpart once lived in our world as such. I find that amazing.

One other set of dinosaurs that most of you might think of when you see a Godzilla movie for the first time is a cross between the might T rex and the powerful Stegosaurus.


The T rex lived in a period in the earth’s timeline called the late Cretaceous period and during that phase in the timeline of the earth. Do we see vast amounts of diverse species of dinosaurs that look so out of this world that you wonder if that’s what inspired giant monster movies?

With everything going on in this post let’s finish up with a little bit of the fun talk about giant monsters and about any new things that come out.


I watched Cloverfield back in 2009 and let me tell you that the movie brought a whole new meaning to the way giant monster movies are portrayed.


Using the shakey camera technique was just perfect for a movie like this and the way the CGI managed the monster was just on par with what a monster movie is all about.

Destruction, Mayhem, Panic, and likable characters rolled into a movie that shows off a lot of personalities.

Why is this part in the post you dare ask? Well, it’s in there because of a thing years ago I was told that ties all of this together into one neat package.


“the vastness of space is more explored than our earth’s oceans.” That just brings out more thoughts on the potential for monsters to become real.


The giant squid. once thought to be nothing but a myth for centuries Not until 2004 we actually got to see a real-life giant squid.

Of course, it’s kind of ironic that the National Science Musem of Toyko Japan made this discovery with a photo But regards Japan we have potential proof of a giant monster’s existence today. Though it’s doubtful that we would see something like that rise out of the ocean. (like It came from beneath the sea.)

But still, the proof is in the pudding as they say.




Lots of many wonderful things out there in the wild that exist now. With all the possibilities out there who knows what will make the next big movie for us all to see. For those of you who are a bit younger, I should mention the Jaws movie is at a high rating and should be viewed by an adult first thank you.

Jaws movie collection DVD only

The last dinosaur

Komodo secrets of the dragon

In summary, That seems blatant and out there. I hope you all have a great day reading this post and check out my links when you get the time.

Thanks for the help It’s a good day to watch movies.

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