Giant monsters all out attack

Well, here is another movie review for you as we go into finding more ways to enjoy these movies. In this one, We get another time change with this Godzilla movie being so robust. So let’s get this started. To make sure we are clear, all links down below are affiliate links to amazon that makes a commission and the pictures were taken by TOHO pictures


well, in this part of the blog, I am going to be talking about the major differences that are experienced when seeing this new Godzilla.

As I will describe down below, It seems like TOHO decided to take the monster design in a different direction when it involves the character. More dinosaur-like in appearance. Then you are met with the ghost eyes from the creature being so scary.

The interesting thing I noticed about Godzilla is the mannerisms the monster carried every time we see it on screen, we see that it seems to take an aggressive. I mean really aggressive, so much so that it makes the character feel malicious, with humans. It is almost like everything that was done was intentional with everything. There is just so much humanizing of the character at that point where you start to believe that the creature has a mind of its own focused on the destruction of humanity.

The story itself

I am just going, to be honest here, the Millennium series(2000) was weird. they made a movie about the original monster only to change the timeline by introducing that creature from the 2000 movie as the original monster only to falter back to the somewhat original design with this movie we are watching.

To start, the movie has us in a military complex talking about previous sightings from people, even to the point of including a reference to the 1998 movie set in new york city. (I find this interesting considering the history with the 98 movie and TOHO’s opinion on the subject) But anyways, There is plenty of concerns being thrown around a few times to the point of the military deciding to investigate a missing American submarine.

Needless to say, this prompts Japan’s military to send in their two mini-subs to help with the investigation only to end up losing one at the behest of the Godzilla the thought was destroyed in 1954. Big mistake on their part as this monster manages to destroy one of the subs carelessly as though it didn’t notice anything there.

SO we get a cut back to the darkened sky to reveal a biker gang terrorizing the village near the coast. eventually, this all ends when they reach the tunnels leading out and managed to get crushed by what one could only assume to be Godzilla. this leads onward to more panic as one of the survivors takes testimony to the military about the collapses while they dig out the bodies.

Even the old man starts chanting about Godzilla and the guardian monsters involved in the plot. we eventually start seeing them in the forms of mothra, later Baragon, and eventually a frozen Ghidorah. Of course, no one believes this and it leads to massive destruction and the big red dog ends up getting killed as a result.

special effects

the special effects were very solid, to say the least, the costume design between all three monsters let’s start with the Godzilla design, Now this one brings us back to the original roots of the monster being more dinosaur-like in appearance. I also like how the eyes are dead-like being so white. And the mannerism of the monster just grows that feeling that Godzilla should be feared. Just a lot going on for the creature.

Barugon is that red dog monster we see from time to time and I will give credit where credit is due, the monster itself doesn’t feel scary and feels more doglike if anyone here has ever seen the child tv show “Clifford” Except looks a little meaner and can dig itself faster underground.

then we have mothra whose design is simply gorgeous when it finally manages to get out of its lava form. Just the colorful detail with the monster really show the passion that was put into this work. there is plenty of times where you can tell mothra was mothra

Now we are to the point where we talk about Ghidorah. I will say this negative about the movie though it mostly has to do with opinion, I never thought I would see the day where Ghidorah looks like a beady eye puppy within the movie. I never liked how that looked for the monster. I just remember when the monster was meant to be feared more so than what it was in this movie.

final thoughts

I will give credit where credit is due. This movie does have some perks involved with this, Including some of that cheesy goodness we all know and love from these movies. I have some ups and downs with this movie as I will say this movie isn’t my favorite in the series. But most of the time, I am pretty open about people viewing a lot of these movies. There are many times I might not like a movie just simply because. So I want to thank you once again for viewing the blog for this week and be sure to check out the links down below if you are interested in this movie.

Giant monsters all-out attack(Prime only)

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