Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

We are back with one more review before The special coming your way. In this, I am proud to present the first time we ever see Godzilla’s arch-nemesis which is called King Ghidorah. A destroyer of worlds and a destined one that seeks the destruction of the earth. This is one of the main staples for the Showa Godzilla movies from this point onward. You wonder why? Well read up on this and I will tell you. Pictures are provided by the following and I am an amazon affiliate.



TOHO pictures





Toho Scope

The story

Our story starts with multiple different directions with the first shot showing a chest of what one could assume would be Ghidorah. We soon get to see snippets of different moments within the film that will be seen, from mothra and Rodan to the mighty Godzilla himself, the musical score is still on par with what it means to be a TOHO film.

So later on, We get our first signs of human contact with a foreign national plane making a trip to Japan with a princess in toe. She comments on one of her servants that she likes the view outside the window of the night sky. But later on within the conversation, she asks the servant for something to drink. A voice appears out of nowhere warning the princess that there is a danger on this plane and she must leave.

So in what looks like a hypnotic state, the princess jumps off the plane where a bright light takes her away in time before the plane explodes. later on, within the story, we are met with a disgruntled detective in his office over the recent tragedy over the missing princess from the unnamed nation. (It isn’t explained in detail as to what country it is) Just so many twists and turns in this that you want to see it for yourself.

Godzilla and Rodan

While it was a different set of style than we are used to, I have no doubts that the creature designs are improved from the serious incarnations, the only thing about this is, just looking at the new Rodan design we see in this movie, it doesn’t carry the same horror vibes we saw in the original origin movie. Still having Rodan almost as big as Godzilla does brings out the best in the monster.






Godzilla’s design has improved from the previous movies. So much so that I would say that now they have a direction to work with, A kind of a more “kid-friendly” type of character. (though if we are going to be totally honest here, It’s kind of hard considering the monster itself is an allegory for nuclear weapons.) Regardless, they did manage to take the character in a newer direction the obviously worked well.


This is the creature that would be a major staple in what we know as the Showa era of film(Think of it like a classical era in monster films where the films come out in a specific timeline until a certain point. Like Godzilla 1954 all the way to terror of Mecha Godzilla 1974)(That is what is called by many fans as the Showa era.)But at the end of the day, you can call it whatever you would like. But back to the topic at hand. Think of Ghidorah like the Shredder in the teenage mutant ninja turtle series, The main villain has constantly been a thorn against the turtles for years and is the most powerful of the characters. we see the same thing with Godzilla.

Being a three-headed dragon from outer space makes the creature one of the many unique creatures that Godzilla has to face within these movies. Also known as a fan favorite among many fans of the series being shown multiple times. To be honest, this creature is my second favorite creature within the fandom.

Final thoughts

Now, this film is a classic I recommend for anyone who looks for a movie with a decent amount of fun and an interesting story for a background. It is one of those movies that will leave an impression on you for a very long time. It was one of my favorites from the show era of film and has remained a staple for moviegoers for these types of movies, and to be fair, this is with good reason. So go ahead and check out the link below and who knows, It might end up as one of your favorite movies from this era.


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Ghidorah, The three-headed monster (DVD only)

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