Gamera vs Zigra

We have seen Gamera fight a numerous amount of monsters that carry an odd similarity to some animals we see today. From bats to lizards, to even a dinosaur. But We have never seen Gamera take on something like a shark. “Until” now. As we start the review I just wanted to remind you that I am an amazon affiliate and my links are down below as per usual if you are looking to buy a product. The shark picture was taken by Olga Ernst

Our movie

Our movies start out with Japanese astronauts are living on the moon when a UFO appears out of nowhere and attacks the base with new aggression. Then we hear the familiar tune of Gamera’s theme song playing as we get a shot of a large marine park where we get to meet our new characters in the story. (Which to me is sad because they could have had so much potential with the boys in a third movie.) Anyway, the parents work for the park and we get introduced to Kenichi and his friend Helen who are both getting ready for the school day. While in the meanwhile the two fathers (Dr. Yosuke and Dr.Tom Wallace) are out on a boat checking out the waters for the pollution. Gamera appears out of nowhere to watch the boat for an unknown version at first. ( My ever so favorite topic of discussion.)but little did they know the two kids managed to sneak into the boat before anyone could know of it. That’s not the worst of it though as they see an alien spaceship that sweeps the boat away and into the ship. They soon find out the ship is being controlled by a strange woman and an alien who is only known as Zigra.

Later the woman demonstrates the power of the alien technology By showing how they control the earthquakes causing massive destruction that left the world in full destruction. Just with Tokyo, it was left in ruins. The four finally decided to contact some officials and try to get them to surrender. ( Just to make a personal note to you guys. I got to say these kids somehow managed to get on my nerves for some reason.) But regardless, the two fathers try to coincide with the lady only for her to snap her fingers and it makes the parents go into a coma-like state. The kids quickly snap into action by taking the spinners on the opposite sides of the ship and stopping them from moving making the woman stopped dead in her tracks like she did to the fathers. So the kids get the parents back to the boat and teleport back to the sea. While they try to start the boat to no avail.

After a close encounter with the angry alien ship Gamera manages to find the boat and carries the kids back to shore. But as that happens we see the woman get quickly revived and sent out to find and (Insert wording here.) While she was out on her mission Gamera manages to find the ship and proceeds to attack it. That’s when we finally get to see our monster for this week in the form of Zigra. At first, we think Gamera is going to get an easy win over Zigra, But it is never that easy as Zigra grows to be a titan towering over Gamera easily. Not only that, When Gamrea managed to take Zigra up to the surface he fires as a strange ray of light that seems like it kills Gamera and drops him into the ocean. Is our little buddy dead? Will the earth be destroyed? find out for yourself and check out the link below.

The monsters

Gamera has gone through some form of a change with some tones being lighter. But the most prolific change I had noticed was the eyes were a light shade of yellow. All in all, there haven’t been any real changes to the character cosmetic wise. Now we come to Zigra which is a different concept as far as origins go for the monster movies The deign is a more metallic look that gives off a frightful appearance as far as how a kid would see this monster.

The characters

As far as the characters go I didn’t find any of the characters interesting to look for. I will admit there were some moments that got attention from the situations. But regardless I am going to remind you that even with me being a blogger that does movie reviews, I am not the final say. You guys the audience are. I am going to keep speaking my mind about these movies because I am honest with myself. But there are some moments that would make you connect with the characters and genuinely make you feel like they are in mortal danger. But by and by I think it is just the matter of some personal opinion.

Let’s talk special effects.

Do you know what Tokusatsu means? Well if you don’t I do. It is a term used in Japan for special effects being heavily used in a film or a tv show. Like Godzilla or ultra man if you get that reference. Anyway, Daei took a few more steps into the special effects universe and produced this film with a pretty solid base. With some shrinking and Laser effects involved, I am most likely going to say this is the most special effects seemed to have been taken to a whole new level with this one.


Welp, here’s another blog biting the dust. And here we go with the usual thing we say at the end of our journey. Well, check the links and give me your thinks. Sorry, I am very bad at rhyming but I think you get the message. I hope to cya on the next blog post. chow for now.


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