Gamera vs Yimir

Two vs in a row? Who would have thought? Well, it’s true, the best works do come in pairs after all. So here we are, delivering another v series for everyone to jump on and enjoy. Bringing back some classic monster brawls for you, we come in with two classic titans of monster mash as we see, Gamera take on his challenger, This one happens to be an unusual one from a classic movie that will be reviewed one day on here. I introduce to you, Ymir, the space titan.



So let’s start with the original ninja turtle. Gamera comes spinning in, carrying a vast array of firepower that has toppled countless monsters in the past. Also helps that Gamera can fight in almost any environment, that is including underwater and in the air. Just many ways this Gamera can fight. between that and being able to outthink his enemies, Gamera would seem like an unstoppable force. except there are a few things you should know before jumping in on Gamera,s side.

With Gamera being mentioned as a creation, This creature still has some flaws that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the biggest flaws that are a downfall has to be Gamera can easily get defeated on the first encounter of every fight. This of course can be a massive negative because some monsters only need one mistake to take advantage of a situation. Gamera has done this in the many come back he created in the past. so it wouldn’t be surprising if another monster were to take advantage of this kind of attack. Now onward to the next creature, Ymir.

The titan Ymir

While only making a brief appearance in 20 million miles to earth, this monster does make a massive impression when encountered. having no organs that can be described as “Tubes”. This would mean that Yimir has no real vital organs that would destroy the creature should it Be penetrated by an outside force. On top of that, The Yimir seems to grow with the more oxygen the world around him has. Based on the way the story plays out, many scientists suggest that this monster could grow indefinitely.

Something that one would worry about, However, just like many other creatures on here, there are always weaknesses to counterbalance the story. With Ymir, We get the fact electricity renders the monster almost paralyzed being unable to move. between that and the appetite for sulfur, this would make for a quick fight if the creature was baited into a massive trap.

The location

Well, it is fairly hard to figure out what and where we would place these characters as we are faced with more and more capable monsters that could fight just about anywhere. the only exception has to be in the air but regardless, I see no reason why the two wouldn’t fight in an ocean as they both are somewhat swimmers. The backing should be in the topical lands of Hawaii, Hawaii has to be an incredibly interesting island filled with grand adventure that fills the world with massive joy and exciting stories.

The winner

At the end of the day, Yimir is simply outgunned. Gamera just simply has too much going for it that it would be impossible to ignore the outcome when it comes to the massive turtle. Gamera also has faced many monsters that would be very challenging for even Godzilla at times. Let’s just face it, Yimir just can’t compete on size alone. So I am going to have to give this win to Gamera.


Well, this is the end of another great vs action we all needed. Two classics we could dive into for a fun time. This makes me very grateful. Just to be able to provide this kind of content for people and draw in fans of these kinds of stories makes me realize how I made a difference in people’s lives, It gives me hope for the future of these kinds of things. Gaining that sort of attraction makes everything feel worthwhile. So thank you all very much for all the great views and I will see you guys in the next blog post.

Content growth

There are a few things that take time when producing content. Let’s face it, making videos vs making blogs is a new type of animal I am still working on getting used to. Working on video ideas and writing out blogs sometimes mistracks what I do in between. between that and the stresses of life that have grown in the past few months, I feel as though the world around me has drawn to a close more often than not.

It did affect my creative writing at one time or another. It can be a very hard concept to have to deal with. But it is something that can be overcome if given the right state of mind and willpower. Just to give an inspiring quote whenever I feel like the world is against me.

“Never ever Give up”

Winston Churchill.

This is just a little add-on segment that I was thinking about giving for a while but never had the chance to till recently. so on behalf of my laziness, sorry

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