Gamera vs Viras

We have seen the mighty turtle fight a variety of characters with devastating abilities that lead to some rememberable moments in the series so far and it is just going to keep on rolling. With the newer and stranger additions to the series who knows what will come next. A friendly reminder here as I am an amazon affiliate Images of the alligator snapping turtle was taken by James St. John

and the squids were taken by Hans Hillewaert and


The improvements

we do see some great improvements as far as characters having more of a role into a story as well as the pacing feels more natural. We also get some music at the start that becomes the trademark song for Gamera. While the song is okay as far as good music goes I feel as though a person should hear it for themselves to get the best out of it. As far as the miniatures, there is more detail to them as well as new and different designs that made it all the more fitting. Even the space ship felt a little more like a classic star trek episode with the backgrounds being the classic sixties SIFI movie style that people can remember for many years to come.

The movie

Now, this is a movie that for the first time that I have seen monster movies(I have seen a lot) having the boy scouts staring in a feature movie. Let me tell you I was surprised at this when it showed on the screen. Let’s just say a few interesting choice of words crossed my mind. regardless our movie starts with a sequence of Gamera fighting an alien crew ship and destroying it out right then we get taken to the boy scout scene.

oh yeah, the boy scout scene where they are on a beach next to a laboratory that houses a submarine for more practical use.( which you know means they must have gone through a lot of popcorn sales to be able to afford all of that on one camp out.)(Just think if our boy scouts over in the USA would do if they had that man opportunities at their disposal.) anyway, the scouts are at this camp to help test out the submarine. But as the story goes on we notice that two boys are missing only to find both of them inside the submarine tampering with it for their amusement.



But low and behold one of the boy’s sister calls on some sort of watch phone(who could have seen that coming in a movie. No seriously that was a cool guess from the movie about what the future holds.) But regardless as the story goes on we see that one of the boys is a trouble maker that likes to tinker with things to his liking. So as he gets his goods with setting up the controls we soon find them disputing with the camp leader with everything as they are being punished for this thing.

Meanwhile, the aliens decide to come up with a way to lure Gamera into the trap so they can either control him or kill him in some way. In a way, they did manage to read through to find Gamera’s mind holds the memory of saving children from the jaws of death. with this as they were reading Gamera’s mind. The boys are with the other scots watching the submarine about to take off with the professor and the scout leader trying to drive it. The professor decides it would be too dangerous to drive for the scouts but the two trouble makers that were in the sub earlier decided to say that the professor can’t drive his creation and want to test it by letting them drive it.(Set up anyone?)Now that the boys got to drive the sub they soon find out they are being followed by a familiar friend of all children in the form of Gamera.

As that is going on we see the second spaceship fire a capture ray that catches Gamera and the boys inside causing the boys to panic. But with Gamera by their side, he finds a way to let the boys out of the catch ray while feeling the pain of resisting the thing. Needless to say, is Gamera gets examined and escapes into the sunset with the aliens knowing what do do with him.

On the next go-around, they manage to capture the boys to hold them hostage to shoot a brain wave weapon at the head of the monster to end up controlling Gamera to destroy various things until the earth surrenders to the aliens. With that going on the boys try to come up with a way to escape the ship and save Gamera from destroying the earth. With untold amounts of destruction, the boys find an interesting way to defeat the spaceship that leads to an awesome conclusion that you gotta see to believe.

Them monsters

Space monsters. We all seen them in one way or another in the movies and this one is no exception. This one is a little bit different as it is the one monster that is close to a real-life counterpart in the squid. as well as that there are a few human-looking aliens that would turn to look like our main villain monster to eventually be dispatched by the same monster.

Gamera manages to keep his appearance relatively the same except for a strange color change within his eyes from the usual yellow to red for a few moments of the film but it ever stays there for long. (Perhaps a mistake on their part?) Regardless the film keeps the appearance fairly the same for this one.

an interesting summary

To sum the story up is to give away the ending of the story. And I am not one for it. I will tell you guys this though. I do like how it was all summed up through this huge fight scene that gave me a few chuckles as well as gets me hooked into the ending like a kid to a video game.
And I would like to thank you, people, for enjoying my content. It is truly a good feeling to have someone watching my content and enjoying what they are seeing in an off-time work base. Thanks again.


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