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Let me ask you maniacs a question. What do you get when you cross a giant super turtle and a super, powerful triceratops? I will tell you, You get one of my favorite movies of the series we have been following so far in the Showa series. I of course am I talking about Gamera vs Jigar. To give you guys the usual friendly reminder, I am an amazon affiliate. I also have a photo of a tricertops skull that was taken by Zachi Evenor

and LA Dawson

The movie

The movie starts out with the cut scenes from the previous movies showing Gamera fighting the monsters from the previous movies in a good opening cut scene that eventually turns to a scene where we see a new attraction opening up for 1970. Though this kind of makes the film feel dated it doesn’t take away the excitement one can feel about being part of a new and uniting park that educates everyone from around the world. But as that is going on(with Hiroshi’s sisters boyfriend taking Hiroshi around the park)We soon get a scene with Tommy’s family is the center of the focus of this film with the entire family excavating the statue we soon get some more insight that this statue is an unknown and is being taken back to the expo to study. But then Gamera shows up out of nowhere and tries to stop the statue from being moved.

The excavation sees this as a threat and they start shooting at Gamera and escaping with the statue in the process. As that was going on a nearby volcano erupts causing Gamera to fly towards the inferno to stop the lava. The family manages to escape and bring the whistle back to the expo carrying with them a strange illness that was affecting the crew members taking the statue. as people are trying to figure out what is happening we soon get our first look at the new monster named Jiger. We see Gamera being the first challenger to fight Jiger who utterly destroys him with shooting spikes and an aggressive charge that knocks Gamera on his back and he can’t get up(Insert life alert commercial here.)

With Gamera defeated Jiger takes off into the ocean to find the statue that was taken. In the meanwhile, the kids had returned with the statue still causing problems for the crew that one would think would be some sort of curse with it. But with the usual enthusiasm the crew members working for the expose decide to take the statue off the ship themselves which at least doesn’t go bad until after they got the thing off the ship. but that means little as it could get with Jiger appearing before them.

Untold destruction follows with the boys wondering where Gamera was. While in the meanwhile Gamera is trying to get the spikes out of his skin and finding Jiger before this creature destroys the world. As this is going on Gamera manages to get himself out of this sticky situation. But will he be able to stop this super monster?

The characters

The interesting thing about this is we see our characters are the same characters from the Gamera vs Gurion film. The thing about them in this movie is that the kids are getting to be in their teens which piques my interest to a new level. Tommy hasn’t changed from the previous series and is still a trouble maker up to his old tricks again. Hiroshi is still the level head of the group with his mind focused on this expose that is going to open very soon. The thing I like about this is how the characters are being handled as teens for this movie and how well they play off each other. And I like how the two have a corporative way to handle a problem once they come across it, Like when Gamera was hurt bad and the kids thought about going inside to get rid of the parasite. Or how they managed to escape from the aliens in the previous movie just shows how well the two can work with each other.

Now our focus is more on Tommy’s family with his sister who is not as aggressive as Hiroshi’s and seems to go along with the boys very easily. She also seems to be the one who has an outgoing personality as far as she goes.

More monsters

With the Gamera design lighting up the color tone of the whole monster itself, that is the only thing that would be noteworthy for describing all the changes that Gamera has had up to this date.

This new monster, however, is a different story. Jigar is a super-powerful monster with the shape of a triceratops. And don’t get me started on the color pattern with an orange and brown color pattern. That is something new and impressive to me. Along with that. This monster has some new and powerful abilities. Like being able to shoot spikes out of its own horns. (Yeah this brought out the little kid in me.) Besides the shooting of the spikes, this thing can also shoot a ray of power that destroys molecules in a certain area. Along with magnetism and a hypodermic needle tail that (let’s just say is where the babies come from and your mothers lied to you. Yep they come from a giant dinosaur-like monsters tails.)

My final thoughts

All and all this is one movie I have always liked as far as the Showa Gamera series It brought out the most action in the series and really showed off Gamera as being an underdog in the movies. We also get some insight into a villain monster with a different backstory that defines the reason why I like this movie. Sure it still has the cheese you need in all these films, but it does give some great storytelling elements that make you want to come back for more. Its one of those stories that plays very well with your mind and addicts you to keep watching as you get more enthralled into something that you never experienced before. And it just draws you in more as you watch and listen in on the story flashing before you on screen. And the level of experience it gives off tells you the director did a very good job with this film.


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