Gamera vs Gurion

Knives, new planets, Alien chicks, missing kids, oh my! fill up those brain jars, man the ray guns and set your sights on this new review of Gamera. So jump on the enterprise, set your phasers to stun, Grab your crunchy popcorn and set off on an adventure that will take you to a super new planet filled with a couple of monsters and of course our favorite monster we have been following so far Gamera. A reminder for this is I am an amazon affiliate.
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The movie

The movie starts off with the two boys scanning the skies for alien life out there. “As” they continue to investigate despite the annoying sister in the background. they soon find an alien spaceship that landed in a park close to home. So with the childlike curiosity, we all felt when we were younger. Anyway, The kids go and investigate the said ship for the two boys to be trapped and flew off into outer space with no control of what is happening. As the kids are being lifted off into space with the sister calling out to them we are then at the reintroduction to Gamera in all his lightened skinned glory.

As Gamera is trying to save the kids the ship begins to speed up really fast with Gamera having a hard time to catch up. It is so much faster than Gamera ends up losing the ship on the way out to the distant planet. The boys end up on a distant planet that is very far from earth. That’s when we get to see our first monster in the form of a space Gaeos. That’s right. a space Gaeos. With the water doing a reverse Uno card we are suddenly getting to see a much more dangerous monster in the form of Gurion.



The brutality of this monster shows how he kills off the new Gaeos so quickly and aggressively. As that is going on the boys find a building to hide inside from the terrible wrath of everything outside to meet our lovely ladies of alien life in this film. Well, this is going into the seventies at this point so why not. The cheese is strong with this one. (Ah them references.)

The ladies manage to convince the boys of being friendly by coercing them into understanding Japanese and feeding them through an illusion. You heard me right. I said illusion. (Here are my thoughts on why I think that is the case. In one scene of the movie, we see the aliens using a device that helped translate their own language to Japanese. They then explain they had to go into the mind of the boys to understand the language they had. Then in a scene of the movie the ladies manage to get a card that would create the food the boys thought up almost perfectly. But with that part, they also read the mind of the one boy in the story finding out more about Gamera. Then the ladies manage to create the very same food that the boys wanted in the next scene. I found it kind of interesting to see something like that happening all at once.)

But as the story goes with Gamera being defeated by Gurion on the first going on. With Gamera left bloody as his shell is cracked open. The two women gloat at this as the children got knocked out. What the plan for the aliens was to fix the spaceship, and grab a snack of boy’s brains for the trip to earth.

The monsters

Let me just say that with this new monster named Gurion had a lot on the spotlight this go around. Build similarly to a knife. Gurion had a way that made you feel like this is a dangerous monster that makes the entire scene seem just that much more emotional. I also like to mention that this monster’s design was very likable for me as this thing felt like something that could feel like the world is going to run clear away from this thing. Not only that. we also get to see some amazing abilities from Gurion that excelled at bringing some suspense to the said monster.

Let’s go back to Gamera as we see now he seems to have a lighter tone to his skin than the previous movie which is pretty interesting when considering, maybe this is where the director is trying to make Gamera less scary. With Gaeos you can pretty much tell its a recolor of the original monster.

The characters

The characters were very interesting. The first boys name is Akio. He is one that seems to be the calm one of the two. He also is the one who seems to playout as the leader of the two.

Now we come to Tomoko. She is the younger sister of the main character. While she is a side character in the story, She does play a part that shows the interaction is fairly normal with the small infighting as well as trying to see the same stuff as her brother. But even with all that I could still consider her a character for a good story.

Next in the story is Tom. Our first American in the story that follows our first character. He is kind of a trouble maker in this as he is the one who always finds a way to get into trouble and make it just a little bit worse. So yeah Tom is the one who likes to be a polar opposite of Akio at times. Let’s just say it does show in the movie to a nice degree.

The ending of the movie

As per usual I wouldn’t spoil the movie ending for you. There are a few things I will say though. Firstly is that this is a little bit dark than the usual Gamera movie we have done so far. This is also the first movie where we begin to get a more in-depth view of the kid’s lives and how they currently react to the world on a normal base.



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