Gamera Vs Godzilla!

It has been years in the making. Two towering titans finally meet in a clash of war that will be an end to all wars. The world will find this war as the biggest as the two big G’s collide in the biggest fight classicgiantmonsters ever had. Just to give you a friendly reminder I am an amazon affiliate.

The big one is here

I think you all know who I am I talking about when I say the big one is here. I, of course, am I talking about The one the only GODZILLA! Yep, that monster is a powerhouse in the monster world with fantastic capabilities that lead to the destruction of many buildings over the years. On top of that Godzilla seems to be the biggest metaphor for atomic weapons and their devastating effects on the environment. Being that as it may. Godzilla’s signature atomic breath is always the big factor when this monster fights against his foes. Not to mention, The defense that Godzilla has which is the regeneration. This is a monster that has taken on numerous monsters and brutally defeated almost all of them over the years(The exceptions being King Kong and Mothra)


Now, let’s focus on the weakness of Godzilla that could play a factor against this fight. The start would have to do with the nature of Godzilla being susceptible to electricity as shown in King Kong vs Godzilla. On top of that Godzilla seemed to have problems fighting against flying enemies. Just look to and Destroyah as an example for Godzilla having a tough time fighting those types of monsters. As you can tell there are odds stacked against him
with our next Big G being with those same skills.

An idea for how it goes

I had to puzzle with this for a very long time and while I was doing this I came across a concept on the idea as to how this can happen as well as how bad it will be. I had a dream where everything was a mess and on fire. There were the two monsters standing face to face. Both were a beaten up mess. And seemingly on their last legs. But the final straw draws near as the first one that can heal up faster will be the winner of the war. And as the war rages on we see military on its last legs with the destruction of everything around them. But by and by Godzilla ends up dealing the final blow with his trademark spiral breath that leads to going through Gamera and frying poor Gamera to a turtle soup. Yep, that spiral breath was used a few times against Space Godzilla and proved to be a very powerful weapon for Godzilla to use that was devastating.

The abilities of Gamera

We all know what our turtle can do. But for some of you who just joined here’s what it breaks down as.

Firstly we all know Gamera can fly so there is an advantage Gamera has over Godzilla in strides. Not only that, this turtle can reach some speeds at Mach 3 which is second to none with Rodan in speed. You also have his abilities to out-think an enemy when it is backed against all odds.

But that is part of the weakness that we will be covering shortly. With that part in the way, let’s talk about his fire-eating capabilities, as you know fire is Gamera’s fuel source as well as his ammo for a fight against all sorts of monsters. Not to mention the concentration can increase the destructive power for a burst of fire with the shots. Yep, Gamera also is very good at close combat as you all are aware through our time with the reviews.

But here is where we get to the negatives and why it has killed Gamera. Lets first start by his energy source. Though he can use electricity and fire it is not an energy to always rely on. There could always be a way to have that type of energy depleted over time and you have to ration it in a fight. Think of Gamera more like a machine every machine needs an energy source like gas or electricity. But the thing is it is a constant. Meaning you have to keep feeding it for things to keep working. So like any machine, Gamera will eventually be in need of fuel whereas Godzilla can absorb nuclear energy from anything with plutonium without needing too much. Plus Godzilla is on that is not solely powered by nuclear energy.

The Greatest Verses on here

This is one that I will say is the greatest verses we have seen so far on this website. There was some hard work put into the verses as this is one where two titans of monster verses that a lot of people would have wanted as an actual movie rather than someone speaking their mind here. But I got to speak my mind on this and give you guys an idea as to how I see these movies. But after all these times of Gamera making his wins you got to know Gamera would eventually meet Godzilla in combat. But in my opinion, I think Godzilla has the win because of how the monster operates. Not only that, But Godzilla has also faced more powerful monsters than Gamera has as far as destructive power by the nose. You will understand more when we get to review the next Gamera movie.

An address to my viewers

This past week is a difficult journey we have all taken. We were all used to living social lives out there. And with everything going on it can be hard to work with. But being as I am affected with this as well as all of you I am going to say that the best way we all can get through all of this is to work together. “While” the steps given could be in these times. Remember to use your head in these times to stay safe. It may be a dark world today, but that can’t last forever.
The links to Amazon are down below for you guys to check out. Be sure to stay indoors and follow local government orders and I will see you guys one more time on the next blog.

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