Gamera vs Gaos

Another vs for all you Gamera maniacs all over the place here. This one is special as it shows a recurring character that you are going to see a lot in the movies from here on out. So sit back, Pull up the popcorn, grab your favorite drink and enjoy another blog post from the fellow maniac.

Let’s start by saying that this is one of the better movies from the Gamera series as it will be explained when we dive into this review Pictures of bats were taken by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


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The characters

As for the characters in this story, I do like the fact they put more emphasis on the kid being the main character in the story while still giving the adults some spotlight time. the action in this is solid from the character’s perspective and still make the story more cohesive for the audience to watch. And it does have a charming aspect to it that makes it feel more like a children s movie while still delivering that fun monster action we all love.

The movie

the movie itself has a lot of pluses from the previous installments by simply structuring the story differently. We get to see a child as more of a main character in the story while letting us the audience have a break from the simple annoyances that childhood brings. The scenes of the military engaging both monsters’ were very thorough and very realistic given that they were using a style that was convincing to be a military.

Besides that our movie starts off with a dispute over a road construction over to a village. But the people from the village don’t want to let that happen and cause tons of trouble on top of the fact the area’s volcanoes are erupting around the sad area. Needless to say, the eruptions attract Gamera and we see Gamera having a food dive into the volcano for some wining and dining session. A research team takes a journey to find a strange glowing light that shoots out some sort of beam that splits the plane in half. In the meanwhile, we get to see a character that is the village leaders’ grandson. (Who previously we saw when Gamera entered the erupting volcano.) And with that playing in the yard, we get to meet the kid’s sister who is a calm person who would be playing a part in this story.

Meanwhile, as an argument in sues between the company building the road and the construction workers working on the road through the conditions of everything going on. Needless to say, the grandson is exploring the world around him when a reporter meets up with him and asks if the kid is willing to guide him to the nearby volcano named Mt. Futago being convinced that it could be Gamera making those beams and looking to send that to the press. But after an exploration that leads to green light with an eruption and a casualty later, we get to see the newest monster that Gamera gets to face in the form of Gaos.

As the monster goes after the kid (after escaping from the cave.)we get to see Gamera as the hero monster that he is coming to the boy’s rescue. We see however that like many of Gamera’s enemies are not going to come down as easy and without a fight. Gamera’s arm gets cut up to almost falling off but Gamera was able to fend off Gaos and save the kid before taking the said kid home.

“As” Gamera takes the spotlight in the latest newspaper article on saving the child. We soon are taken to a room where a military makes plans on how to kill off the Gaos monster. And find out more information about the said monster. After describing the monsters’ biology the military tries to fight the monster during the daylight as it doesn’t seem to show up during the day and stays hidden inside the glowing cave.

So they decide to try to lure it out during the daylight as they discovered that light has the potential to kill the beast. They came up with a way to substitute blood as a way to lure the monster out while creating a spinning dish that would make the monster so dizzy that it wouldn’t be able to get back quick enough before the sun would come up and kill it.

The monsters’

Gamera has the same design as in the previous movies except for when he flies the monster doesn’t do the usual spin that he is trademarked for. I am sure you are all aware of why that is but just in case you haven’t look for the man behind the turtle to find out why that is.

Now let’s take a look at our new monster Gaos. So apley named by a kid because of a sound the monster makes when it is ready to fire a laser that cuts through almost everything. On top of all that we see that this one is an eater of man from the many victims as it eats the prey for the blood that every one of those holds. Bring on those stakes, carry those crosses, and eat that garlic because this monster is best described as a vampire of the monster world and it is not hard to see why.


let me just finish off by saying this is a movie that works as a classic movie as a whole and should be watched whenever you get the chance to see it. as usual, the links will be down below and I will see you on my next blog post.

Gamera vs Gyaos double feature DVD

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