Gamera vs Barugon

Just when you thought it was over. Just when you thought the Next Big G was gone forever outcomes Gamera. Back with a vengeance and ready for war. Let me tell you. Gamera is not happy. Gamera is one who doesn’t like to be played with too much. Images of the Chameleon by

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New faces and places

We start our movie after Gamera has his little temper tantrum and it is shown in a dark room with three people inside talking about a member hiding a jewel in a cave. So after a little preparation, the three grab a ship that sails to the island to find this lost treasure that was hidden away after the war. So they make it to the island when a bunch of tribe members ends up surrounding them. “As” the communication error begins to come up the three ends with a tribe member coming out in the open being able to speak Japanese. But as this goes on another man from japan comes out as a doctor for the tribe. Now the three are trying to get help from the tribe only to be met with warnings about the place called The valley of the rainbows.

Of course, though the pleas are ignored and they proceed to the cave. When they finally find the cave they begin to find the jewels for all their troubles. But with the jewels being the way they are we soon find out that one of the group suddenly kills off one of the group by not mentioning the deadly scorpion crawling on their legs. The scorpion stings the guy and ends up dead in the cave. The other two try to get out of the cave when the one comes up with a way to kill off the last guy. In a quick flash, the one decides to blow up the cave with the last guy being trapped inside the cave. He wakes up back inside the village with one of the people who spoke Japanese taking care of his wounds while interrogating him for taking the jewel.

Little did he know when he left the jewel was put under the light as it manages to burn through the cloth where the jewel falls through and the jewel turns out to be an egg.

One more monster

With the egg hatched the monster grows to an amazing size that destroys the ship and proceeds to attack Japan. In the meanwhile the two that were back on the island make a journey to find the egg only to then see that it has hatched and is destroying everything it can see. As the story progresses we find the woman has about how to destroy the monster by submerging it into water. But now the question is how are they going to lure the monster into the water? with all these questions an answer comes in the form of a diamond that is used to lure Barugon because of the shine that attracts him. But as the military goes to use the said strategy it fails very badly. Due to the huge size of this monster. The shine is not noticing the light and ignores it. of course, people begin to panic as the plan from the island woman has failed and the guy is blaming himself over everything. “As” options run out a familiar face shows up to take on the said monster. Gamera wants a fight.





Gamera vs Barugon

Gamera manages to land on the ground to fight barugon when the monster hits Gamera with his ultimate weakness. Oh, how the cold gets to us all. with Gamera frozen like a popsicle, barugon continues the rampage on the city causing more destruction. meanwhile, as everything is going on the two figure out something about the monster they never thought of. Maybe the monster has changed in some way that affects the way the monster thinks. It turns out the inferred affected the diamond and thus affected by the monster. In the while, the two end up finding the man who took the egg and proceeds to make him answer for his crimes. Soon though after a little retribution the two escape from Barugons rampage with an idea to stop Barugon. As the military tries out the second plan it turns out the other guy escapes and tries to catch the diamond before it is thrown to the lake. Needless to say, he was successful in getting the diamond but was met with a demise that made the whole situation seem hopeless. But there is a ray of hope that comes in the form of Gamera unthawing from the cold breath of barugon.

the story ends with a bang.

In the usual fashion I will not give away the ending for this movie But unlike my usual stuff, I will describe my full overall thoughts on this movie. While this movie does have some improvements from the first Gamera movie I do feel this one was all over the place with the plot like the first movie. Did you know that the main character in the first movie was supposed to be a kid? Neither did I and I even watched the movie. The movie itself was alright but I do feel as though the kid could have given a better performance. Or even the director could have put more of a story focus on this kid. Other than that the movie had a solid baseline that was followed up with a unique story that was memorable. and like this movie the original had a good story to tell.


I am going to conclude this with a note as to why I am doing this for those of you who haven’t heard or read the news. I am going to be reviewing all the Gamera series as well as make most of my content based around said series as well. I felt this series doesn’t get enough of its due when it comes to good Giant monster movies. Godzilla gets a spot lite sure and with good reason. I just feel Gamera also deserves the said spotlight. I fell for this series when I saw a youtube video about it. So I decided to go and check it out one day and the man was I not disappointed.

Gamera vs Barugon DVD only

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