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We got a monster brawl for you to close off the Showa series of Gamera films. But our journey with the oversized turtle is not over by a long way. Nope. “Because” we are almost to my favorite period of the series where it takes things to a whole new direction. for a friendly reminder, I am an amazon affiliate.
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Are you feeling super?

Are you feeling super? Is the answer yes? Is the answer nope? Well, let me just say that this movie was feeling so super it felt more like a superhero movie than a Gamera film. Yep, you just got into my little qualms with this film. While the special effects are for a purpose for the characters, I feel as though the special effects were overused for pointless reasons that don’t drive the story forward. Here’s an example, Take the spacewoman switching to their space clothes.

They constantly switch between space and earth clothes even though when they switch they are being detected by the villains every switch only for it to constantly happen over and over again. Another thing about this is the fact there are a few things that happen with no explanation. I will not go into too many details on them since I am one of those reviewers who believes seeing is truly believing. But with more qualms with this movie to address(Like the fact there is a lot less focus on the children and more on the space women.) Oh, one thing I got to get off my chest is While the movie did have the best special effects of the entire series so far. I felt as though the special effects were the biggest high light of this story and to me, That is something you focus on the least when telling a good story. I was one who had watched a lot of movies growing up and I find the most iconic movies didn’t have a focus on the special effects and more of it on a story. Take Halloween for a non-Kaiju example. The focus was more on two characters and their encounter with each other in a desperate struggle of survival. (That is well-thought-out storytelling.)

The story

We start the movie with an opening song that is very new to the Gamera series but is played off as a staple for every movie. (FYI: I might even post the lyrics somewhere in this blog when I get the time to do so.)We get introduced to the main villain of the movie that shows in the form of a giant space ship that carries a very star wars esk type of intro. We hear from the ship that it is trying to find some escaped aliens that are described as hiding among the earthlings. There are three of them posing as earthlings that have been hiding. : They manage to take up the spotlight of the movie by using their powers to fly and teleport together on their spaceship that is a party van. (cause you know, It’s the 80’s man.)

In another scene with the aliens affecting the earth’s environment. We get a return cameo from our Gaeos friend reaking almost the same havoc as he did in his debut film. (Oh wait it is the same film!) And this is part of the review where you might be very confused right now at this scene. That’s because, during the construction of this film, they had to use stock footage as a way to cheaply make the film as the company was on its last legs before bankruptcy. But even still, it is a film that was made to be reviewed and here I am to make it so. So they give us the stock footage for a bit before cutting back to the space women who are thinking the earth is doomed and they will be found soon. In the meanwhile, we get to see our first kid in the story after fifteen minutes of space women. The name Hiroshi comes in and is practicing (with his grandma watching) the piano. Needless to say, he is played out as a good player who constantly practices over and over again. He even managed to come up with his song about his favorite monster Gamera.

We continue with the stock footage of Gamera defeating Gaeos and our alien villain has sent his spacewoman down to infiltrate and kill the other space women. As Gamera defeats Gaeos we are then met with a dismayed look from a woman who was seeing Gamera defeating the Gaeos with the villain getting overly upset at the defeat. But soon comes up with another monster in the form of Zigra, Who was seemingly hinted at a half a dozen times in the villans warning to draw the space women out. With desperation, the space women try to figure out how to stop the space ship unknowing the kid had all the answers in the form of Gamera.

Will people survive this conclusion to the Showa Gamera series? Will the earth be destroyed in this conclusion of the Gamera series?

an interesting concept

While I find it pretty clever for this movie to use stock footage from each movie as a way to tell a story. I do have to speak my mind on the multiple mistakes that were made with the continuity with the movie and its shots. Take one shot could be a bright and sunny day in one scene and then the next scene is completely dark and no real frame of a timeline is being established. And there are a few scenes that felt like there was more emphasis on the action and not enough on the story itself. These are just some of my qualms with the movie. But I am also going to remind you that I am not the final say as to whether it’s a good movie or not. I feel as though that right belongs to you the audience. All I do is write out my take on the things and give you guys the link for amazon below so that you can see the movie for yourselves.

the future of the Gamera series

With all, we have seen in this series. (including many ups and downs of stories and characters.) But we have reached an end of an era with this movie being the last movie being filmed by Daei alone. But it’s not all doom and gloom. For if you have read/listened to “Daei, A company behind the turtle” You already know that Kadoka studios managed to revive the series with a trilogy that we will be reviewing on this website shortly.



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